Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sutasn Thipprakmas, Wiriyakorn Phanitwong

Abstract: In recent years, the hole-flanged components are not only fabricated for a thin sheet metal but they are also increasingly manufactured for...

Authors: Yan Feng Yang, Xue Jun Zhang, Xiao Xu

Abstract: Expanded graphite (EG) was prepared using fine flake graphite that could go through 50 mesh as raw material, perchloric acid as inserting...

Authors: Ji Quan Li, Yan Hu, Ying Kong, Shao Fei Jiang, Chuan Chen

Abstract: The function of injection molding process is described in the quality, function and costs of injection products from the definition of...

Authors: Wiriyakorn Phanitwong, Sutasn Thipprakmas

Abstract: The application of the draw bead could reduce the concave/convex wall features. However, it also affected the wall thinning. Therefore, it...

Authors: Yan Hua Fan, Kai Xiong, Li Hua Dong, Yan Sheng Yin, Wen Ge Li

Abstract: Ag-zeolite crystal have been obtained through immersing Na86–X...

Authors: Fu Rong Nie, Hong Wei Li, Fei Tian, Li Li Yang

Abstract: Based on the side hole and no flange and one-step drawing part forming analysis and comparison of the process, the compound die that can...

Authors: Zhi Ren Han, Fu Xia Fan

Abstract: Numerical simulation is of great importance in sheet metal multistage deep drawing forming, optimizing mould design and improving mould...

Authors: Wei Wei, Peng Jiang, Guang Zhong Yu, Fei Cao

Abstract: The steering knuckle was hard to be formed because of complex shape and high quality requirement. This paper predicted fold defect in...

Authors: Cheng Long Wang, Qing Liang Zeng, Guang Yu Zhou, Sheng Gang Zhao

Abstract: Based on the application analysis of hydraulic pump CAT test-bench, an automatic testing system of hydraulic pump CAT test-bench combined...

Authors: Yu Wen Liu, Wei Zhang, Hong Mei Wang, Jing Na Jiang, Bin Sun

Abstract: LiFePO4/C composite materials were synthesized by a solid-state method. The carbon source was selected from glucose, cauric acid,...


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