Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. Bazrafshan, A. Gorji, A. Taghizadeh Armaky, J. Sadeghi

Abstract: One of the most sensitive features of sheet metal forming processes is the elastic recovery during unloading, called spring-back, which...

Authors: Cheng Yang, Sheng Dun Zhao, Jian Jun Zhang

Abstract: Based on precision forging method, a single stage hot forging process of alternator poles is put forword, which the heated blank can be...

Authors: Gang Liu, Jun Yang Peng, Xiao Song Wang, Shi Qiang Zhu, Shi Jian Yuan

Abstract: Hydroforming processes of a Y-shaped stainless steel tube with d/t (ratio of diameter to thickness) of 183 is presented. FEM simulations...

Authors: Hai Yang Liao, Peng Tian, Yu Du, Zhi Yu Wen

Abstract: Water quality monitoring plays an important role in contamination control and environment protection. This paper describes an on-line...

Authors: Guang Fan Gao, Jin Shan Chen, Xue Gang Cao

Abstract: Peripherally clamped thin shallow hyperbolic metal shells under internal pressure are widely used as rupture discs, quick opening devices...

Authors: Shun Cheng Wang, Wen Jun Qi, Kai Hong Zheng, Jing Lin Wen

Abstract: Continuous semisolid extruding extending forming process was adopted to produce LY11 alloy flat bar. The forming process, metal flow...

Authors: Jin Hong Ma, Hui Li, Hong Bin Li, Wen Zhi Zhang

Abstract: The uneven elongation between flange and web can make long tongue in the head of H-beam, which can lead to too long crop end length. In...

Authors: Hui Qin Li, Zheng Zong Chen, Yong Lin Ma, Shu Qing Xing

Abstract: The purpose of this experiment is to find the effects on structures and cementite of rapid induced heating and tempering. The author...

Authors: Xiao Lei Dong, Bing Yun, Zhi Hao Ma

Abstract: Constrained groove pressing is a simple and effective method of grain refinement. Using the experimental data obtained by regression...

Authors: Fu Qu, Jian Zhong Cui

Abstract: The influences of low frequency magnetic field and static magnetic field on the air film casting process are studied in this paper. 6063...


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