Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Ping Wang, Min Wan, Hai Bo Wang, Xiang Dong Wu, Ke Shan Diao

Abstract: Uniaxile tensile tests of auto-body steel sheet were performed at strain rate of 10-4 to 101s-1 and temperature of room temperature to...

Authors: Xiao Yan Zhang, Cheng Jun Zhu, Chang Pei Shang

Abstract: In the design of die casting mould,the design of the interior sprue gate is very important. The high-velocity filling operation of metal...

Authors: Ji Wei Wang, Qing Song Wei, Guo Cheng Liu, Yu Kun He, Yu Sheng Shi

Abstract: Inert gas atomized (IGA) superalloy Inconel 625 powder was consolidated by hot isostatic pressing (HIPing) directly under the HIPing...

Authors: Hao He, Yi Min Li, Guang Yao Wang

Abstract: In the present study, the effect of injection temperature, velocity and delay time on the interface morphology of the co-injection molded...

Authors: Liang Xiong, Hao He, Yi Min Li

Abstract: The paper presents the result of an experimental investigation on the fabrication of Al/SiC composites with high volume fraction of SiC...

Authors: Zhe Wang, Xiao Ming Lai, Zhong Jin Wang, Qing Xin Cui, Wen Tao Li

Abstract: To make full use of the promotion potential of hydrostatic stress on the formability of sheet metal, several foundational questions met in...

Authors: Qing Fang Zhang, Zhong Yi Cai, Ming Zhe Li

Abstract: Springback compensation of Multi-point forming (MPF) was analyzed in the paper based on the ideal elastic-plasticity and linear hardening...

Authors: Tie Min Zhang, Luo Ping, Liang Li

Abstract: A prototype for multi-mode linear ultrasonic motor has been proposed and designed. It is designed using a combination of the first...

Authors: Shui Sheng Chen, Jian Pin Lin, Jing Liu

Abstract: Tailor welded blanks (TWBs) offer several notable benefits including decreased part weight, reduced manufacturing costs, increased...

Authors: Fei Ma, He Yang, Qiang Deng, Mei Zhan, Li Jin Hu

Abstract: In this paper, by using a practical 3D FE model, one power spinning process of parts with transverse inner rib has been simulated. The...


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