Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Jing Yuan, Xiao Hang Liu, Hao Bin Tian, Xiao Song Wang, Shi Jian Yuan

Abstract: The analytic formula of the thickness demarcation circle during hydroforming of double-cone tube is derived by using the mechanical analysis...

Authors: Zheng Yi Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, finite element models of the strip shape during cold rolling of thin strip in both symmetrical and asymmetrical rolling cases...

Authors: Hai Xia Liu, Sheng Jie Li, Yong Nian Yan

Abstract: Through analyzing cell direct assembly process requirements and existing hydrogel materials properties, employing the discrete/deposit rapid...

Authors: Xue Peng Gong

Abstract: In order to realize high efficiency and flexible manufacturing for rotary surfaces, efficient spinning technology (EST) is researched. It is...

Authors: Haw Pei Li, Norhamidi Muhamad

Abstract: The global manufacturing trend is now focusing towards miniaturization. Microminiature Powder Injection Molding (μPIM) is a viable...

Authors: Pei Jie Yan, Jing Tao Han, Zheng Yi Jiang, Hei Jie Li, Li Xian Liu

Abstract: In recent years, the number of automobiles has been steadily increasing, which has significantly impacted on the society and human life, and...

Authors: M.M. Rahman, Thamir K. Ibrahim, K. Kadirgama, R. Mamat, Rosli A. Bakar

Abstract: This paper presents the effect of ambient temperature and operation conditions (compression ratio, turbine inlet temperature, air to fuel...

Authors: Lin Zhu, De Ming Xiao

Abstract: The drill bit for underground casing drilling was taken as object of study, and systemic research have been done for N80 casing drilling in...

Authors: Shi Chao Xiu, Jun Di, Shao Yong Pei

Abstract: It is necessary to supply enough grinding fluid during grinding process to lower grinding temperature. But, there is little grinding fluid...

Authors: Xin Liu, Wen Ji Xu, Jing Sun

Abstract: Dry electrostatic cooling (DESC) assisted machining is one of the green machining technologies that uses ionized air flow as lubricating and...


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