Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qian Li, Yi Bian, Zhi Ping Zhong, Gui Hua Liu, Ying Chen

Abstract: The cold forging process of large module spur gear with four modules and 59mm breadth is performed by means of numerical simulation method....

Authors: Jian Zhou, Li Jun Li, Yong Lin Yan, Dong Cheng Zhou, Ke Cheng

Abstract: For getting the higher quality,the paper analyses the punching order according to the part shape,then determines the die styles.The dies...

Authors: Min Wang

Abstract: For hot rolling of titanium alloy large rings, rolling force is very important for designing, choosing and optimizing of processing plan and...

Authors: Qi Quan Lin, Wen Zheng Dong, Hui Xiao, Zhi Gang Wang

Abstract: For the bulging forming of sheet metal industry, two of the major disadvantages are large punch load and short bulging height, generally...

Authors: Chien Chon Chen, Shih Hsin Chen, Shao Fu Chang, Mann Juin Kao, Wern Dare Jheng, Shing Hoa Wang

Abstract: The ordered nanochannel-array of anodic titanium oxide (ATO) is formed on the electro-polished titanium substrate. This reproducible...

Authors: Wei Wu, Wen Li Sun, Hang Xin Wei

Abstract: In order to diagnose the fault of the pump oil well, a fault diagnosis method based on the wavelet packet and the neural network is...

Authors: Zhi Jie Jiao, Chun Yu He, Jian Ping Li, Xiang Hua Liu

Abstract: Pilot cold rolling mill is the important tool for the cold rolling process researching and new steel grade development. According to the...

Authors: Wei Chen, Ke Pan, Ming Yan Wu, Zhong Fu Huang, Feng Ze Dai

Abstract: Based on empirical analysis and FEA modeling of multi-stage sheet metal stamping, the optimal sheet metal stamping process can be supplied....

Authors: Qiang Wang, Qian Wu, Xian Ke Zhang

Abstract: Radial-axial ring rolling is a process widely used to produce large precise seamless rings. The regulation of rotation speeds between main...

Authors: Jian Lan, Cheng Ding Li, Yu Long Qiu, Lin Hua

Abstract: To remove casting porosity and obtain smaller crystal grains, many large forgings need ingots to be upset axially with large ratio of height...


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