Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ran Feng Qiu, Hua Yu, Hong Xin Shi, Ke Ke Zhang, Chihiro Iwamoto, Shinobu Satonaka

Abstract: Aluminum alloy A5052 and low-carbon steel (SPCC) was welded using resistance spot welding with a cover plate. The interfacial microstructure...

Authors: Wen Tong Xin, Zhi Zun Li, Yong Sheng Wu, Li Feng Qu

Abstract: The paper presents a Fe-base manual SHS Welding material with CuO+Al and Fe2O3+Al being the thermit and adding ferroalloy materials for...

Authors: Tao Yuan, Zhen Luo, Rui Wang

Abstract: In this paper, to obtain hardfacing alloys with Anti-wearing,nine kinds of low-hydrogen type coating are designed with orthogonal...

Authors: Hong Bin Zhou, Qing Ju Zhu, Yun Liu, Jun Ying Dong

Abstract: Prediction and control of welding distortion is an important stage to guarantee manufacturing quality of steel structures....

Authors: Peng Shen, Cai Yun Wang, Zhong Wen, Qi Yue Liu

Abstract: The effect of wheel speed, axle load and track curve radius on wheel/rail adhesion properties under dry and water medium condition was...

Authors: Yu Wen Tian, Fei Xu, Wen Ya Li, Zhong Bin Tang

Abstract: The distribution of mechanical property in the weld zone of friction stir welded 7050 aluminum alloy joint along the plane perpendicular to...

Authors: Zong Yue Bi, Jun Wang, Xiao Tian Jing

Abstract: In the paper, the effects of thermo-mechanical control process on microstructure and properties of oil country tubular goods by electrical...

Authors: Jian Tao Dong, Zhen Luo, Da Hai Xia, Rui Wang

Abstract: The corrosion behaviors of 304 stainless steel (304SS) which has been cut and 304SS which has not been cut in two different solutions were...

Authors: Da Xing Zhao, Zhi Ming Zhao, Zheng Kun Zhang, Xin Dai

Abstract: Based on the production line technology of high-frequency welding H-beam steel, a High-frequency welding device which could be used in a...

Authors: Jian Hao, Zhen Luo, Xian Zheng Bu, Jian Wu Zhang

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of active fluxes on weld penetration, angular distortion and weld morphology in gas tungsten arc welding...


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