Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Di Zhang, Zhen Luo, Tao Yuan, Rui Wang

Abstract: By the way of adding rare earth element into the coating of electrode, this article has studied the effects of rare earth element erbium and...

Authors: Jiu Min Sun, Lin Chao Liu, Qi Fang Yan

Abstract: The stress-strain relationship of soil is described by fractional derivative viscoelastic model, and established the vertical governing...

Authors: Feng Lian Sun, Yang Liu, Yang Liu, Jia Bing Wang, Hong Wu Zhang

Abstract: In this study, some Ni, Bi elements were added into low-Ag (less than 1%) Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) solder. The effect of these additive elements on...

Authors: Jian Wu Zhang, Zhen Luo, Ya Li Li, Jing Dong Zhu

Abstract: A simple ultrasonic welding method was employed to bond the carbon nanotubes and metal electrodes, at the same time, macro-body carbon...

Authors: Yun Hai Su, Zheng Jun Liu, Duo Liu

Abstract: In this investigation, in order to research the influence of magnetic field on microstructure and properties of magnesium alloy welded...

Authors: Mohd Kameil Abdul Hamid, Gwidon W. Stachowiak

Abstract: The effect of grit particle size on frictional characteristics was investigated using a vertically oriented brake test rig. Silica sand of...

Authors: Tao Yuan, Zhen Luo, Hui Luo

Abstract: In this paper, the distribution of residual stress is measured which is 60mm away from the weld center with the three-dimensional magnetic...

Authors: Hui Bin Xu, Quan Xiang Luo, Chun Tian Li, Chang Hua Du

Abstract: The semi-solid brazing process of SiCp/A356 composites and aluminum alloy was investigated. The two substrates were heated up to the...

Authors: Ping An Shi

Abstract: With considering the geometry characteristic of laser brazing and analyzing the action features of heat source in laser brazing, an adaptive...

Authors: Jun Fei Fang, Lei Yang, Xiao Min Yuan, Yi Zhu He

Abstract: The hardening behavior of the welding heat affected zone (HAZ) with different heat input for 500MPa grade screw thread steel is investigated...


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