Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Hau Kuo, Kai Ting Yeh, Ren Kae Shiue, Ming Hsiung Wei

Abstract: The 316 stainless steel-alumina joining was prepared by a modified moly-manganese (Mo-Mn) process and a Ni net-embedded brazing method. The...

Authors: Hong Yun Zhao, Li Zhou, Bo Chen, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: The medium and heavy plate of 800 MPa grade ultra-fine grained steel was welded by CO2 gas shielded welding using large line...

Authors: Chun Yuan Shi, Qing Yuan Meng, Cheng Jin

Abstract: During the welding of the wall plate of cylindrical structure, the edges of cylinder generates obvious wave-like deformation and affects...

Authors: Hai Yan Xing, Li Hong Zhang, Cheng Xu, Xin Yu Chen

Abstract: The metal magnetic memory (MMM) technology, a new nondestructive testing (NDT), has potentials of quantitative evaluation on welded joint...

Authors: Cai Ping Liang, Xiao Hang Liu, Yue Wei Bai

Abstract: Due to bad welds including small button, weld expulsion, and weld whisker etc., it is studied that the effect of constant and variable...

Authors: Hong Jie Zhang, Yan Yan Hou

Abstract: Lots of dynamic information, which can directly or indirectly reflect the quality of welded spot, is included within the electrode...

Authors: Jian Dong Lin, Ping Huang, Fan He

Abstract: For continuous casting roller with the poor Corrosion resistance, developed the PLJ225 flux-cored wire welding with nitrogen for continuous...

Authors: Hong Yun Zhao, Bo Chen, Li Zhou, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: Focusing on the need of actual production, physical analogue experiments were done on the 400MPa ultra fine grained steel under different...

Authors: Fu Xiang Huang, Ping Yin, Chun Tian Li, Ji Chao Li

Abstract: The effect of chemical species of copper alloys on growth of intermetallic compounds (IMCs) at interface of solder/copper alloys for lead...

Authors: Qing Zhao Yao, Lin Chao Liu, Qi Fang Yan

Abstract: The beam is assumed to obey a three-dimensional viscoelastic fractional derivative constitutive relations, the mathematical model and...


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