Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Zhang Zhou, Chun Yan Yang, Xin Ni, Dong Sheng Chen

Abstract: The inhibition effect of corrosion and scale inhibitor WJF-6 on Q235 steel in simulated seawater circulation cooling water was studied by...

Authors: Bo Lin He, Ying Xia Yu, Jing Liu

Abstract: Because of the high-speed, high transport capacity, low power consumption and a lot of technical and economic advantages, high-speed rail...

Authors: Ying Xia Yu, Bo Lin He, Huang Huang Yu, Jian Ping Shi

Abstract: Surface treatment was carried out on the butt joint weldment of 16MnR steel by using the HJ-II-type ultrasonic impact machine. The...

Authors: Yi Luo, Chang Hua Du, Chun Tian Li, Jin He Liu

Abstract: The special thermal effect makes some alterations to nugget morphology during resistance spot welding on unequal-thickness dissimilar steel....

Authors: Xiu Juan Zhao, Chun Huan Chen, Yuan Sun, De Xin Yang, Kohsuke Tagashira

Abstract: The cemented carbide YG30 and steel 1045 were welded with Co-Fe-C filling alloys with different carbon contents by the tungsten-inert-gas...

Authors: Xiao Xiang Su, Yao Dong Gu, J.P. Finlay, I.D. Jenkinson, Xue Jun Ren

Abstract: Closed cell polymeric foams are widely used in sport and medical equipments. In this study, an artificial neural network (ANN) based inverse...

Authors: Yi Luo, Jin He Liu, Hong Ye

Abstract: The thermal behavior during electron beam welding on magnesium alloy were analyzed and simulated. According to the thermal effect of the...

Authors: Chang Hua Du, Yi Luo, Jian Su, Li Meng Yin, Zhen Kang Li, Bin Liu

Abstract: The (Sn-9Zn0.05Ce)xBi solders with different Bi contents were prepared by a new process. The characteristics of solders about...

Authors: Xian Feng Wang, Guo Xiang Meng, Qian Ye, Jian Xia Liu, Wen Hua Xie, Zheng Jin Feng

Abstract: The effect of electrode force on the weld quality of resistance spot welding monitored using electrode displacement was experimentally...

Authors: Ge Ping Liu, Yu Hua Chen, Hong Yan Wu, Li Ming Ke

Abstract: ZL114A was joined by friction stir welding and liquid nitrogen was used to cool the welded joint during the welding process. The Influence...


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