Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sina Saeedy, M.K. Besharati Givi

Abstract: High strength, high ductility and low thermal conductivity cause the austenitic stainless steels to be hard materials to machine so that...

Authors: Jin Li Wang, Lin Cai, Hong Tao Zheng

Abstract: When lubricants are used according to special requirements, it is possible to achieve considerable cost savings. Compared to conventional...

Authors: Qiu Lian Dai, Can Bin Luo, Fang Yi You

Abstract: In this paper, metal-bonded diamond wheels of different sized abrasive grain with different porosity were fabricated. Grinding experiments...

Authors: Hui Min Lu, De Yuan Zhang, Yang Liu

Abstract: The vibration tapping technology has been employed with success on some difficult-to-machine material such as titanium alloy, hardened steel...

Authors: Yong Sheng Wu, Jian Jiang Wang, Wen Tong Xin, Zhi Zun Li, Li Feng Qu

Abstract: Cutting process of manual self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) cutting technology was studied based on industrial Q235 steel...

Authors: Jian Wu, Rong Di Han

Abstract: Drilling is a semi-enclosed cutting process. Drilling of difficult-to-machine materials generates thermal/frictional damage at the cutting...

Authors: Li Ping Liu, Hong Wen Wu, Yang Xuan, Xiao Juan Wang, Yan Zhang, Yi Wen Chen, Quan Jun Liu

Abstract: Nanopores etched in the solid-state membranes have become the hotpot of nanotechnology research. Various methods for fabricating solid-state...

Authors: Chun Cheng Liu, Jiao Liu

Abstract: In connection with the process of glaze ice, prediction models about height and thickness of ice coating under uniform and non-uniform ice...

Authors: Huan Liu, Feng Xue, Jian Zhou

Abstract: The effects of fluxes with different activators (sebacic acid and diethylamine hydrochlcoride) on the wetting behavior of Sn-Zn lead-free...

Authors: Chun Cheng Liu, Jiao Liu

Abstract: The cause of ice accretion of transmission line and ice accretion mechanism are both summarized systematically. The mechanism of ice coating...


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