Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Liu, Gen Cang Yang, Feng Liu

Abstract: Metastable phase was observed in as-solidified microstructure of undercooled Fe-Co alloy, provided that the initial undercooling (T) of the...

Authors: Xin Yu Yang, Zhao Lun Wang, Ming Chu Pan

Abstract: The surfaces of carbon black were modified by nitric acid oxidation. The surface structures of the original and oxidized carbon black were...

Authors: Hong Bao Cui, Hai Yan Wang, Jin Yong Wang, Heng Zhi Fu

Abstract: Directional solidification (DS) of FeCoNiCrAl high entropy alloy is carried out to investigate the microstructures and microsegregation...

Authors: Wen Ping Weng, Kang Deng, Zhong Ming Ren, Qi Chen, Zhi Dong Chi, Qi Te Zhao

Abstract: The solidification and process optimization for twin-roll casting of magnesium alloys have been studied. Effects of roll speed, roller...

Authors: Fei Han, Wei Wei Wang, Shou Jing Luo, Zhi Ming Du

Abstract: The impeller is an important component applied in airplanes, ships and weapons. It is difficult to form the complicated geometry of the...

Authors: Na Li, Jun Wei Zhang, Lu Lu Zhai

Abstract: The quality and properties of steels may be affected due to the segregation of the alloying elements, even though the properties of steels...

Authors: Wei Min Zhao, Liang Zhang, Zhi Feng Wang, Hong Ji Yan

Abstract: This paper studied the effects of inclusion and slag on properties of a die cast A356 alloy wheel. The result showed that the rate of defect...

Authors: Suo Mei Zhang, Zi Dong Wang

Abstract: In this paper pure carbon, pure iron and single crystall silicon were firstly loaded into a pure graphite crucible to obtain a hypereutectic...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Yang Li, Xin Li Wei

Abstract: Thermal expansion mismatch is the most important which leads to the film/substrate interface damage and destruction. In this paper, the...

Authors: Zhi Chen, An Qi Chen, Feng Li, Yang Li, Qing Jun Song, You Chao Kong

Abstract: Numerical simulation based on a new regularized phase field model was performed to describe the dendritic growth of an isothermal alloy with...


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