New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Luo, Xing Yong Gu, Jun Ming Wu

Abstract: The study main researched the effect of apparent porosity of porcelain architectural ceramic materials on the far-infrared radiance...

Authors: Qing Ning Wang, Ya Ni Han, Fei Long Zhang, Fang Liu, Qiu Ping Zhao

Abstract: The technology for bleaching of the starch glycoside surfactant was studied by using hydrogen peroxide as the major decoloring agent,...

Authors: Cheng Zhi Jiang, Xu Dong Lu

Abstract: Pure TiO2, Eu3+ and Sm3+ co-doping TiO2 composite nanoparticles have been prepared by sol-gel...

Authors: Su Feng Wang, Yan Long Zhang, Jian Li, Yin Long Jin

Abstract: The work showed that there were 44 species belonging to 23 genera, 3 phylum of phytoplankton in the research area. Among them, 31 species of...

Authors: Chun Xiang Lin, Ming Hua Liu, Huai Yu Zhan

Abstract: The spherical cellulose adsorbent was prepared by grafting acrylic acid onto the spherical cellulose beads prepared by NMMO method. The...

Authors: Hui Ru Liu, Li Qiang Lv, Xing Chen Zhang

Abstract: This study concerned a novel super-molecular ionic liquid synthesized by ammonium thiocyanate and caprolactam. The physical characters such...

Authors: Li Yun Pan, Hao Yuan, Shun Bo Zhao

Abstract: Tests were carried out to study mechanical properties of hybrid fiber reinforced full lightweight aggregate concrete (HFRFLAC), the hybrid...

Authors: Shun Bo Zhao, Shan Zhao, Su Yang, Xiao Lu Ma, Li Sun

Abstract: The research is part of wet-sieving concrete technique for building thermal insulated reinforced concrete composite wall. The fine aggregate...

Authors: Min Wang, Qiong Liu

Abstract: Silver (Ag+) doped iron (III) vanadate (FeVO4) samples are prepared by the precipitation method and then characterized...

Authors: Min Wang, Qiong Liu, Chen Zhi Jiang

Abstract: FeVO4 photocatalysts were synthesized via a surfactant-assisted sol-gel method and characterized with X-ray diffraction (XRD),...


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