New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Jun Miao, Pei Liang Li, Yuan Li, Xiao Kang Liao

Abstract: Materials, include polymer modified asphalt, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, packing and lignin fiber, of SMA-13 Warm Mix Asphalt used in...

Authors: Mao Lin Zhang, Long Feng Li

Abstract: A nanometer coupled oxide ZnO-SnO2 was prepared by the fractional homogeneous co-precipitation route using urea as the latent...

Authors: Wei Qiao Liu, Gong Li, Hui Juan Tong, Wei Ning Lei, Tong Ming Shang, Zheng Song Lou, Xiang Hong He

Abstract: A modified ZSM-5 molecular sieve was prepared by the combination of recrystallization and carbon template methods. The samples were...

Authors: Yuan Sun, Xiu Juan Zhao, Guo Jun Li, Rui Ming Ren

Abstract: The olivine-type LiFePO4 powder was prepared by a chemical method using the synthesized FePO4 1.78H2O,...

Authors: Yan Hong Tian, Xue Jun Zhang, Yu Zhao

Abstract: Two types of supercapacitor electrode materials have been synthesized: AC/PANI, activated carbon composites polyaniline by in-situ...

Authors: Xiao Hua Liu, Hai Xin Bai, Lin Zhou

Abstract: A novel porous CaO microsphere catalyst was synthesized by calcining spherical CaCO3 precursor which was prepared easily by...

Authors: Xiao Min Cheng, Xin Chen, Yuan Yuan Li, Yong Gang Tan

Abstract: In this paper, various kinds of high-temperature phase change thermal storage Al-Si-Cu-Mg-Zn alloys were prepared, and the thermal...

Authors: Bin Dong, Yong Ming Chai, Yun Qi Liu, Chen Guang Liu

Abstract: Novel Ag/TiO2-NTs composites have been synthesized using titanium dioxide nanotubes (TiO2-NTs) modified by...

Authors: Hui Ling Li, Qiu Yan Chai

Abstract: The effects of modification by antimony on Al-Si cast alloys have been extensively used, but the modification mechanism has not been well...

Authors: Shun Qing Chen

Abstract: The Cr5Mo alloy steel is the most commonly used high pressure vessel and heat pipe using the material. This article on external forcing...


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