New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Li Ruan

Abstract: Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cathode materials containing different low concentration ion dopants (Mg2+,...

Authors: Xiao Lin Jia, Mei Pin Ma, Wei Liu, Li Tian, Xiao Peng Mo

Abstract: LiFePO4/C nano-particles were synthesized by microwave assisted carbothermal reduction method, using...

Authors: Rui Liu, Wein Duo Yang, Jian Fu Wu, Liang Sheng Qiang

Abstract: Pt-counter electrodes were manufactured by dip coating, spin coating and sputtering methods for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Their...

Authors: Cheng Zhi Chuai, Nan Zhao, Shu Li, Bing Xin Sun

Abstract: Poly(lactic acid) and Poly(butylenes succinate) grafting glycidyl methacrylate (PLA-g-GMA and PBS-g-GMA) and PLA/PLA-g-GMA/PBS and...

Authors: Ning Chen, Ya Bin Li

Abstract: The characteristics of host-guest complexes between cucurbit[n]uril (CB [n]) and phenylalanine were investigated by UV-visible absorption...

Authors: Sheng Kui Zhong, You Wang, Chang Jiu Liu, Yan Wei Li, Yan Hong Li

Abstract: The layered Y-doped SnO2/C anode materials were prepared by a co-precipitation method. The physical properties of the Y-doped...

Authors: Huang Lin, Qing Hua Chen, Wei Yan Li, Ming Hua Huang

Abstract: In this study, composite films were prepared with Konjac glucomannan (KGM) and Starch, In the process of preparation, add Lactic acid as...

Authors: Zhi Ping Wu, Yun Chu Hu, Mei Qin Chen

Abstract: The effect of intumescent flame retardant (IFR) contained microencapsulated red phosphorus on the flame retardance of E-44 epoxy resin (EP)...

Authors: Xing Gang Chen, Xiao Ming Sang, Gui Xiang Hou, Shou Wu Yu

Abstract: Polyurethane/modified kaolin foam composites were prepared via in situ polymerization with calcined kaolin as well as intercalated kaolin by...

Authors: Ga Ping Wang, Yang Bai, Li Chen

Abstract: Polymers have more complicated properties since they display both elastic and viscous type responses at different strain rates. As the...


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