New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Gao, Ying Xin Ge, Jia Zhao, Hai Xia Yang

Abstract: Response surface methodology (RSM) was adopted to study the key parameters such as activation temperature, activation time, and active agent...

Authors: Xia Fu, Yang Chen, Gao Qi Yu, Chao Yu, Hou Zhi Wang, Guang De Zhang

Abstract: Using La2O3 and Co(NO3)2•6H2O as raw material, ultrafine perovskite-type oxides...

Authors: Li Li Liu, Chang Yu Li

Abstract: The TiO2 /ACF composite photocatalyst was prepared by using the screen printed technology. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning...

Authors: Zhong Zheng Yang, Jian Ying Wei, Hai Tao Liu, Wen Xuan Zhao, Yue Zhang

Abstract: Silver-loaded maifanite prepared at different particle sizes (60 mesh~200 mesh) and light calcining temperatures (100°C~800°C) of maifanite,...

Authors: Guo Qi Xu, Jun Liang Liu, Sheng Hui Hu, Xue Hua Wang

Abstract: In this study, Camphor leaves for the experimental materials, the activated composition was extracted by water, its consistency was 10%, and...

Authors: Yong Feng Li, Yu Li, Yan Ting Huang, Lin Yu, Qian Yu, Rong Jian Mai

Abstract: The palladium-based combustion catalysts on cordierite honeycomb ceramics (CHC) substrate without interlayer film (Pd/CHC) were prepared by...

Authors: Su Feng Wang, Yin Long Jin

Abstract: Several pollution assessment indexes were applied in the pollution evaluation of Luanhe-Beidaihe Estuary. The results of evaluation by...

Authors: Wen Liang Gao, Fang Li

Abstract: Palladium-copper bimetallic catalysts supported over different supporters were prepared by chemical reduction method, and their catalytic...

Authors: Bing Wen Wang, Yun Bing Hou, Zhi Hua Zhai, Shuai Jie Han

Abstract: Bittern-resisting cement (BR) has more excellent performance to resist physical attack and chemical corrosion in high-concentration brine...

Authors: Ling Lan, Shao Hui Ge, Yuan Dong Hou, Kun Hong Liu

Abstract: A supported amorphous Ni-B/TiO2-Al2O3 catalyst was synthesized by a silver-catalyzed electroless plating...


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