Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Jie Peng, Xiao Ping Fan, Gang Li

Abstract: A new hybrid active power filter (NHAPF) and its corresponding controlling method are proposed in the paper, which can be applied in high...

Authors: Hong Sheng Zhao, Yun Zhen Wu

Abstract: To solve technical problems of current roller conveyor, such as big volume, complex structure and heavy maintenance workload, a new roller...

Authors: Hong Gen Zhou, Wen Cheng Tang, Xu Wen Jing, Shuai Han

Abstract: The paper chooses SolidWorks as the developing platform and Electric Equipment as object, researches into the principle of redevelopment by...

Authors: Hui Zhen Zhao, Li Li Meng, Chun Guang Lu

Abstract: According to the quality problems in one saw blade enterprise, six Sigma theory and method are used to improve the quality o f saw blades,...

Authors: Zhong Liang Wei, Hai Peng Lin, Juan Juan Du, Yue Yong Pan

Abstract: High hardness and abrasiveness, low ROP and seriously deviation are the features of Shanle block Xishanyao formation in Turpan-Hami...

Authors: Peng Yun Song, Yang Yong, Wang Zhong, Weng Yu, Ming Fu Hu, Xiao Qin Zhu

Abstract: The integrated multilayer-wrapped high pressure vessel is a special kind of multilayered pressure vessel whose circumferential weld seams...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Zai Liang Chen, Hui Gao

Abstract: This paper discuss the develepment of constant-universal joint and bing up a new type of constant-universal Joint through analysing the...

Authors: Jin Biao Zhang, Jing Wen Wang, Zong Yin Duan

Abstract: More and more attention is being paid to extrusion with multi-hole die in the manufacturing industry because of its advantages of high...

Authors: Li Bo Sun, Shun Sheng Guo, Yi Bing Li, Jun Guo, Si Qi Wu

Abstract: Aiming at the quality early warning problem of manufacturing process, this study develops a quality early warning system base on Web form...

Authors: Zhong Liang Wei, Lin Ge

Abstract: Zhoushen Well X1 is a deep and exploration well, there are some difficulties in drilling fluids treating: The borehole is large, the open...


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