Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Chao Ji, Feng Qin Jiang

Abstract: Different varieties of hemp (Canabis sativa L.) are cultivated in many regions in China for the production of hemp plant fiber. The...

Authors: Shuai Feng Wang, Liang Hou, Hao Lun Wang, Wen Guang Lin

Abstract: An analysis method for commonality of module & part in modular product family was put forward. The part and module commonality in module...

Authors: Yu Feng Zhu

Abstract: Research and development are made about reciprocating air-cool oilless compressors series products in order to meet maket demond. Piston...

Authors: Dai Peng Zhao, Shi Mei Wang, Yun Zhi Tan, Xiao Ling Liu

Abstract: The small landslide physical model testing frame was designed and made in order to analyze the induction mechanism of landslide by rainfall...

Authors: Ting Wang, Feng Zhao, Han Deng

Abstract: This paper offers five factors affecting the design of product innovation. It involves that demand and need, the development of science and...

Authors: Yan Wang, Guang Fu Liu, Shou Xu Song, Ping He

Abstract: This paper deals with the energy-saving product design involving the product energy property into design process. On the basis of the energy...

Authors: Qi Liang Wang, Liang Hou, Hao Lun Wang

Abstract: In order to grasp the direction of product upgrading and promote the innovation capability of enterprise, a model of innovative evolution...

Authors: Jing Zhe Guo, Jiu Wei Sun, Fei Hu Zhang, Xu Jian Yang

Abstract: The detailed design and development of the intelligent creel mechanical structure and control system is based on the research and analysis...

Authors: Ming Chen, Li Xin Guo

Abstract: This paper gives the evaluation method of the design scheme of power transmission system and builds the evaluation index system and fuzzy...

Authors: Xin Sheng Xu, Dan Li, Meng Li Sun

Abstract: Variant design has been recognized as an effective measure to implement mass customization. Assembly consists of different types of parts....


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