Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin E Wang, Zhi Lei Cui, Kang Min Zhong

Abstract: Compared with hydraulic press, pneumatic press has many prominent advantages such as low energy consumption, no pollution to environment,...

Authors: Wan Zhen Shao, Ming Yun Zhang, Lei Zhang

Abstract: This article introduced a method of designing rear mounted fluid coupling transmissions for deceleration with heavy power, as well as...

Authors: Zhi Jie Xin, Hu Guo

Abstract: Modern mechanical products through comprehensive appraisal target analysis, adaptability of product evaluation model can be established. The...

Authors: Lu Hai Mei, Wen Bing Jin

Abstract: In order to solve the practical technology problems in the field of public video monitoring system engineering, in this paper, a real-time...

Authors: Xian Chao Zhang, Jian Ping Xu

Abstract: A set of equipments for ship sewage treatment, which has been designed according to the characteristics of ship sewage with the advanced...

Authors: Hong Ling Hou, Ning He

Abstract: Because of the chip breaker, the rake face of turning tool differs from one another. It is studied that different shape rake face have an...

Authors: You Guo Jing, Bin Dan, Shuang Peng, Li Fei Guo

Abstract: This paper proposes an approach of mapping semi-structured customer needs (SCN) into precise functional requirements (PFR) for Web-based...

Authors: Heng Li, Quan Kun Liu, Ling Yun Qian, Yu Han

Abstract: Improving the straightness accuracy of bending workpieces becomes an urgent problem for the development of bending equipment with large size...

Authors: Zhong Kai Li, Xiao Hong Jiang, Qing Jiao

Abstract: The modular and scalable leverage planning for flexible platform is crucial for derivative product design. A multi-objective flexible...

Authors: Hui Cao, Shuang Yue Li, Xiao Peng Yao

Abstract: In this paper, new technology of noncircular turning was presented, a voice coil motor-driven fasting tool servo system was established. A...


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