High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Jian Bin Gui, Ying Sun, Wu Gao, Rui Jing Gao

Abstract: There are the similarities and the differences between wavelet transformation and traditional superposing and averaging method are discussed...

Authors: Yun Cun Zhang, Sha Sha Yang, Xian Bin Fu, Yan De Qi

Abstract: In order to achieve online monitoring about hot-state dimension of large-scale forgings, a new monitoring method has been developed in this...

Authors: Hai Hui Liu, Ning Wang, Li Chen Hou, Wei Wei Peng, Yan Mei Jin, Xing Xiang Zhang

Abstract: Pristine multi-walled carbon nanotubes (P-MWNTs) were functionalized with 4-substituted benzoic acid via ‘‘direct’’ Friedel-Crafts acylation...

Authors: Xiang Hong Wang

Abstract: The problem of steel products corrosion is increasingly outstanding, which causes a serious waste of resources. This thesis focuses on the...

Authors: Xin Liu, Xu Dong Peng, Xiang Kai Meng

Abstract: Based on the principle of a screw seal, a new type of seal consisting of a series of screw seals was developed and named as an axial pumping...

Authors: Zhen Hai Bai, Bing Hui Luo

Abstract: The effects of annealing temperature on the strength and corrosin properties of cold-rolled 5083 aluminum alloy (ε=60%)were investigated....

Authors: Liao Yuan Zhang, Hao Chen, Jun Yao, Ke Chen

Abstract: Because of the terrain changes, the ice of foundation under the building and floating ice on the Yellow River often meet the stress....

Authors: Ying Wang, Hui Feng Zhang, Yu Shan Zhang, Ying Yao, Wei Liu, Shu Bao Gao, Rong Hua Cai, Dan Wu

Abstract: A single inlet and multi-inlet hollow fiber modules (HFMs) were designed in order to investigate the fluid hydrodynamics of the shell side....

Authors: Ying Yao, Wei Liu, Hui Feng Zhang, Rong Hua Cai, Ying Wang, Shu Bao Gao, Dan Wu, Yu Shan Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, several types of PVDF hollow fiber membranes used in the gas membrane separation process for extracting bromine from...

Authors: Meng Wei Si, Ming Che Su, Jia Yu Wang

Abstract: This paper describes a system that can automatically extract the topics from subjective Chinese sentences and identify their emotional...


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