High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

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Authors: Qian Hua Fang, Hui Kang
Abstract: The use of literature, survey interviews, comparative and other research methods, a comprehensive analysis of Physical Education undergraduate technical courses setting conditions, the results show that the technical courses in physical education majors in an important position, but In recent years Technical Course hours are on a downward trend; enhance the Physical Education Major of course construction, need to focus on technical elective and required courses in a reasonable setting, to strengthen technical subjects main course construction, attention to developing basic technical skills and enhance the technical courses of teachers. This article aims to further deepen the new era of Undergraduate Physical Education Major of reference for curriculum reform.
Authors: Qing Shan Hu, Nan Ye
Abstract: This paper discussed the influencing factors of principals’ participating in physical education curriculum implementation. The result showed that principals’ role in the implementation of the physical education curriculum should not be underestimated and neglected. After analyzing the factors of principals’ participation in the implementation of the physical education curriculum, the author held that helping principals to correct sports realizes, foster harmonious curriculum concept, upgrade courses accomplishment, converse courses leading role, reduce administrative burdens and so on, which were the suggests to promote principals’ participation in the implementation of the physical education curriculum.

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