High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Yan Zhao, Guo Xin Zhang, Song Nan Ru, Fu Xin Chai

Abstract: In order to reflect the heterogeneity of concrete at mesoscopic level and simulate the mechanics response from the mesoscopic to...

Authors: Xing Long Guo

Abstract: TiO2 with 20nm in diameter have been prepared by using magnetron sputtering technique. The structure of these powers was determined by X-ray...

Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Dong Dong Zhang, Xiu Hong Zhang

Abstract: Powder of Ti-46at%Al alloy was synthesized through mechanical activation (MA) and then sintered and concurrently consolidated in a short...

Authors: Min Hao, Shuo Shi Ma, Xiao Dong Hao, Li Li Ma, Li Juan Wang

Abstract: A new image feature selection method with the combination of Genetic Algorithm(GA) and Probabilistic Neural Network(PNN) is proposed and...

Authors: Tao Chang

Abstract: As the most potential member in the textile composite material, stitched textile composites have already been paid a lot attention. By the...

Authors: Rong Lu Wang, Hao Huang, Tie Sheng Dou, Meng Li

Abstract: Being aimed at prestressed concrete cylinder pipe itself characteristic of structure and production process, PCCP cracks were classified,...

Authors: Hui Ying Dong, Qian Liu, Sheng Fu Chen

Abstract: A Correlation tracking algorithm based on the function of the minimum average absolute difference is studied. It aims to search the biggest...

Authors: Hui Ying Dong, Yang Song, Yu Zhao

Abstract: This paper is about dynamic obstacle avoidance. Delaunay Graph is used for modeling the working space, an approximate shortest path of...

Authors: Jie Fang Xing, Xiao Yu Ni, Jie Zhang, Du Juan Chen

Abstract: In the imaging process, the deformation of the plate caused by the structure of the drum, finally affecting the quality of the plate, we...

Authors: Yan Ru Wang, Mao Yu Zhang, Yu Xia

Abstract: After the destructive earthquake, it is urgent that the damaged houses, infrastructure and industrial projects and other related equipment...


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