High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Jia Jun Guo, Zhong Wei Wang, Jian Zhang, Hong Wei Li, Xu Zhao, Wei Chen

Abstract: Take into account different degree of exchange-coupling interaction between soft and hard grains, the effective anisotropy and coercivity in...

Authors: Jia Jun Guo, Zhong Wei Wang, Jian Zhang, Xu Zhao, Wei Chen

Abstract: The pulse-laser-crystallization (PLC) technique was applied to Nd3.7Pr3.4Dy0.9Fe86B5Nb1 amorphous ribbons. After irradiation with a 248nm...

Authors: An Su, Yu Juan Liang

Abstract: By using the transfer matrix method studying the transmission spectra and the interior electric field distribution of symmetric structure of...

Authors: Yu Feng Duan, Zhao Xia Fu

Abstract: In this study a kind of black toner, containing polymer, magnetic iron oxide pigment, and several other additives, was prepared by a...

Authors: Xia Zhang, Qiu Hui Liao, Hong Chen, Zhi Yan, Zhi Shui Yu

Abstract: Four series of thin films have been deposited as the precursory sources of Zn(CH3COO)2, Mg(CH3COO)2, NH4CH3COO and AlCl3 aqueous solutions...

Authors: Wen Jun Liao, Yu Xin Wang, Le Cai Zeng, Biao Yan

Abstract: Cu-Al composite row was produced by continuous cast-rolling technique and metallurgical bonding interface was achieved. The microstructure...

Authors: Wei Shi, Hong Tao Liu, Cui Liang, Hou Sheng Jia

Abstract: When mining close-distance seams with downlink mining, in order to benefit roof maintenance and management, the decoration of lower seam...

Authors: Wei Fan, Zhong Lin Wang, Ming Qing Xu, Ai Feng Wang

Abstract: A new chaotic system is built which is consists of two subsystems. A subsystem is analyzed such as equilibrium, eigenvalue, Lyapunov,...

Authors: Zhi Min Zhang, Yong Biao Yang, Mu Meng

Abstract: Hot compression tests of 7075 aluminum alloy were carried out on the Gleeble-1500 thermal simulation machine at strain rates of 0.1s-1 ,1...

Authors: Hua Wei Sun, Sheng Xin Liu, Jing Deng, Jin Qi Miao, Shao Kang Guan, Yong Chen

Abstract: The influences of Ce, La, Nd, Y, Sb, Zn and Mn on microstructures of Mg3Al alloys were investigated. The formation of needle-like Al-RE...


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