High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Chao Lu

Abstract: The design of a wireless temperature, humidity collecting device, the device through the integration of temperature and humidity sensors...

Authors: Hai Ming Huang, Wen Jiao

Abstract: The thermal contact resistance between polymer composites and aluminum alloy is the main parameters of thermal control design in the field...

Authors: Hai Ming Huang, Wen Jiao

Abstract: The analysis for structural seismic response is a mechanics foundation of earthquake resistance design and seismic prevention. In the study,...

Authors: Hong Mei Xu, Yong Liu, Hai Wang, Wen Xia Zhao, Hong Huang, Chao Lun Liang, Qi Hong Ye, Ming Li, You Jun Deng, Hui Shen

Abstract: Highly ordered closely packed TiO2 nanotubes were successfully fabricated by anodization of Ti foils in ethylene glycol-based electrolytes....

Authors: Zheng Fang, Peng Fei Ji, Xue Jun Li, Yang Yang, Jing Cai

Abstract: Brand equity is an import but fragile asset, which is easy to suffer loss in product harm crises. However, by analyzing cases in China, we...

Authors: Zhen Qiang Wang, Yi Sheng Zhu, Nan Liu

Abstract: In the wireless positioning issue basing on TOA/TDOA, NLOS makes a great impact on the positioning accuracy. This paper presents a particle...

Authors: Gao Jun An, Chun Hua Xiong, Chang Bo Lu, Zhao Jun Chen

Abstract: One novel, simple and convenient synthetic approach has been proposed to prepare the porous molybdenum disulfide materials by utilizing...

Authors: Xu Ming Zhang, Li Juan Huang, Yue Jun Ying, Chun Ming Liu

Abstract: Silane treatment has been applied as a chromium free multi-metal surface treatment for its characteristics of corrosion protection. Silane...

Authors: Cui Liang, Chao Zhang, Nian Jie Ma, Ming Ming Wen, Chong Li

Abstract: The continental coal-bearing strata are mainly formed in the flood plain, delta plain and lake shore subfacies. Through the study on the...

Authors: Yan Chang Zhang, Shi Lian Zhang, Zi Li Wang

Abstract: The out-of-plane quasi-static compressive behavior of four types of corrugated cores (V-type, U-type, X-type and Y-type core) has been...


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