High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Xiao Yu Liu, Cai Fu Qian, Hui Fang Li, Hui Zheng

Abstract: In this paper, double embedded elliptical cracks in a weld of pressure vessels under tension was taken into consideration, and stress...

Authors: Shou Jun Li, Feng You Chu, Yin Xia Fang, Zi Yin Wu

Abstract: Abstract:The study area of this paper is the slope of Shenhu Area in the northern South China Sea. We interpreted both sub-bottom and...

Authors: Yan Li, Xin Sheng Yin, Bo Wang

Abstract: Aerated concrete is a typical non-uniform quasi-brittle materials, the fracture process is very complicated. To slove the problem of cracks...

Authors: Li Xuan Zheng, Wei Zhao, Yu Cai Zheng

Abstract: With the development of fracturing mechanics, there has been growing recognition that the research on the residual stress of heat treatment...

Authors: Wei Dong Liu, Ling Hui Sun

Abstract: In this study, the adsorption mechanism of cethyltrimethylammounium bromide (CTAB) onto quartz surface from aqueous solution was...

Authors: Xiao Ming Chen, R.G. Song

Abstract: The microstructure and properties of 7003 aluminum alloy with and without burning have been investigated by means of electronic tensile...

Authors: J.P. Ren, R.G. Song

Abstract: In order to shorten the fussy experimental process in heat treatment of 7003 aluminum alloy, back-propagation (BP) artificial neural network...

Authors: Shao You Liu, Qing Ge Feng

Abstract: Mesoporous cobalt-doped TiO2 (Co-TiO2) material has been synthesized by solid-state reaction route. The textural properties of the samples...

Authors: Shuo Duan, Shuai Xu, Xiao Meng Xu, Xin Zhang, Chang Li Zhou

Abstract: By combining the improved wavelet neural network and BP neural network, a new structure based on mixed cascade neural network was...

Authors: Ke Rong Gai, Xiao Tie Niu, Tao Fang

Abstract: In order to keep step with new materials mirrors and its technology of developed of international space optics system, and promote research...


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