High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Yao Dai, Shi Min Li, Peng Zhang, Xiao Chong

Abstract: An arbitrarily oriented anti-plane crack with its tip at the physical weak-discontinuous line of the structure which is made up of...

Authors: Yao Dai, Lei Zhang, Peng Zhang, Jun Feng Liu

Abstract: The higher order discontinuous asymptotic fields which are similar to the Williams’ solutions of homogenous material are obtained by the...

Authors: Yao Dai, Jun Feng Liu, Peng Zhang

Abstract: For homogeneous material plates and non-homogeneous material plates, the crack-tip field plays an important role in the research of fracture...

Authors: Yan Hua Mi, Li Xin Liu, Li Fang Lai

Abstract: This paper introduced the characteristics of functions of the automatic monitoring system on surveys robot (TCA total station ). Has...

Authors: Wen Tsai Sung, Jui Ho Chen, Yen Chun Chiang

Abstract: This system was composed of independently developed ECG Signal Acquisition Model, DAQ Signal Acquisition Card, and the LabVIEW Graphics...

Authors: Na Liu, Zhou Li, Hua Yuan, Wen Yong Xu, Yong Zhang, Guo Qing Zhang

Abstract: Ti6Al4V powders were produced by Argon gas atomization, the powder fraction < 250μm was hot isostatically pressed (HIP) at 920°C and 140MPa....

Authors: Xing Zhi Lin

Abstract: By analysis on the Internet Of Things (IOT), logistic unified information system as well as Intelligent Flexible Architecture technology of...

Authors: Yuan Li Yang

Abstract: Through the analysis on internet of things (IOT) technology, logistic information system and information perception technology, according to...

Authors: Man Ying Huang

Abstract: Internet of Things (IOT) is an extension and expansion of the internet development. The ultimate goal of IOT system is to realize the...

Authors: Yun Li

Abstract: Industrial naphthalene is the main material for the polynaphthalene sulphonate production, domestic industrial naphthalene supply is unable...


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