High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Xiao Ying Li, Yan Bin Han

Abstract: Based on the finite element theory, air compressor plate drum is analyzed in the rotating and loading circumstances. The maximum...

Authors: Xiao Ying Li, Deng Feng Zhang, Yan Bin Han

Abstract: In shaft coupling, based on the finite element theory, stress distribution in shaft coupling can be obtained. After the shaft coupling is...

Authors: Bao Mian Li, Hai Tao Zhang, Jian Zhong Cui

Abstract: The effect of electromagnetic field and iron content on the solidification structure of copper-iron alloys had been investigated in this...

Authors: Jie Liang Wang, Ai Juan Gu, Guo Zheng Liang

Abstract: Poly vinyl pyrrolidone (PVP(K30)) / Bisphenol A Dicyanate ester (BADCy) blends were fabricated to increase the toughness of BADCy by...

Authors: Tao Wu, Xi Liu, Guo Hua Xing, Bo Quan Liu

Abstract: Six specimens of interior joints with different depth beams were tested under reversed cyclic loading. The failure characteristics and shear...

Authors: Bo Yi Zhang, Wei Qiang Liu

Abstract: Two-dimensional transient heat transfer model of the plug of regenerative cooling plug nozzle is built. Based on the convective...

Authors: Mei Wang, Xin Ju Li, Yan Yan Lu, Shu Li Guo

Abstract: As one of the most important economic crops, tobacco is often endangered by pest disaster, which can lower the quality and output of...

Authors: Chun Qiu Wang, Shi Bin Gu, Zhong Ju Wei, Bo Li, Shao Jie Chen

Abstract: The creep test of the No. 3 coal seam of Daizhuang Coal Mine is carried. Based on the experiment results, the creep support effect of deep...

Authors: Hai Ting Cui

Abstract: A laboratory equipped with the thermal energy storage unit utilizing the solar heat sources was designed and constructed. The spherical...

Authors: Chao Lu

Abstract: The thermal fatigue fracture of engine exhaust manifold will affect its service life and engine work, to prevent and resolve this problem,...


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