High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Li Juan Gao, Ning Gan, Fu Tao Hu, Yu Ting Cao, Lei Zheng

Abstract: This paper introduces a novel amperometric immunosensor consisting of hemin (Fe(III)-protoporphyrinIX) layers formed by layer-by-layer...

Authors: Li Jun Wang, Dong Fei Wang, Xu Hu Wang, Shu Heng Shi

Abstract: This paper presents a design method of capacitance micro-displacement sensor, based on the programmable capacitance-digital converter...

Authors: Li Jun Wang, Hui Juan Guo, Dong Fei Wang

Abstract: Based on the background of the continuous development and application extensive of the remote monitoring and diagnosis, we develop a remote...

Authors: Wen Yong Li, Kai Shi, Chun Qiong Liu, Wen Yong Hu

Abstract: Cultural heritage, as a special cultural resource bearing information of human history and, passing on human culture, are not reproducible...

Authors: Chuan Xiong Liu, Yu Long Li, Bing Hou, Wei Guo Guo, Jin Long Zou

Abstract: For investigating the effect of temperature on the dynamic properties of concrete material, tests for cylindrical concrete specimens at 23°C...

Authors: Guo Lin Xu, Ya Shuang Bai, De Bin Zhu, Wen Gang Chen

Abstract: Light wood-frame structure, as not only has good seismic performance, but also can give full play to its ligneous advantages such as light...

Authors: You Gui Guo, Ping Zeng, Jie Qiong Zhu, Li Juan Li, Wen Lang Deng, Frede Blaabjerg

Abstract: PLECS is used to model the PV H6 inverter connected to grid and good results are obtained. First, several common topologies of PV inverters...

Authors: Yi Wei Liu

Abstract: With the rapid economic development of Luoyang, more and more people pay attention to the health, which make the leisure sports become a key...

Authors: Lei Zhou, He Jun Jiao

Abstract: The financial pre-warning is an important resource for establish financial policy. Aimed at the character of the power industry, the least...

Authors: De Chao Pei, Guo Li

Abstract: Based on the theories of System and Synergy, by analyzing Competition phenomenon and Synergies phenomenon in the development of Competitive...


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