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Authors: Li Li, Xiao Cui Guo, Yong Yan Zhou
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:This study aims at analyzing the chemical resistance of a wide range additives in air curing fluorocarbon coatings. Scanning Electron...
Authors: Xiao Jun Fang, Juan Tao Zhang, Chang Feng Chen, Zhen Quan Bai, Wei Hua Peng
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:In this study, 1-phenyl-3-(1-aniline)-1-propene (PAP) was synthesized by aniline and Cinnamaldehyde, and its inhibitive effect on N80 steel...
Authors: Gui Rong Yang, Wen Ming Song, Xian Ming Sun, Ying Ma, Jin Jun Lu, Yuan Hao
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The Ni-P/SiC composite coating was prepared by chemical deposition technique. The micro-structure and wear behavior of electroless Ni-P/SiC...
Authors: Zhi Ping Liu, Chang Ming Li, Li Song Yin
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The core-shell structure’s synthesis process by one-step hydrothermal method has remarkable peculiarities, such as simple procedures and...
Authors: Zhi Guo Wen, Chun Yan Li, Cong Cong Hu, Jian Hua Huang, Sheng Xiong Dong
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:Bacterial induced infection is a major complication associated with the use of medical implants. Degradable antibacterial...
Authors: Tao Jiang
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The FeAl/Al2O3 composites were fabricated by pressureless sintering process. The FeAl intermetallics compounds powders...
Authors: Fa Yu Wu, Yi Yong Wang, Jun Wei Zhang, Zhi Ying Wang, Yan Wen Zhou
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The thermal and electrical transport properties of carbon micro-coils under the condition of common use were measured and discussed. The...
Authors: Li Hua Cai, Wei Li, Hai Feng Fang
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The optical fiber corrosion sensor was applied to measure the steel corrosion based on Fe-C corrosion-sensitive metal film, the sensing...
Authors: Shi An Sun, Yi Wei Fei, Yun Peng Xiao, Hong Wei Yang, Shan Shan Zhang, Zhi Min Zong
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:Two camouflage paints were developed respectively on the surface of concrete and metal surface for getting high weather resistance. Different...
Authors: Xiao Ren Lv, Hao Sun, Xuan Luo, Shi Jie Wang
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The effect of load on the friction and wear behavior of NBR and FPM was investigated using a ring-on-block tester under dry sliding. The...
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