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Authors: Jun Gang Li, Ying Lv, Mu Qin Li, Zun Jie Wei, Xiang Cai Meng
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The excellent properties of Mg-Li alloys make them suitable light fabrication materials used extensively in many applications. The...
Authors: Li An Ma, Jin Yang Lin, Li Qin Hu, Yun Ye, Tai Liang Guo
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:A high yield of ultralong SnO2 nanowires is successfully achieved by a simple thermal evaporation of SnO powders under air...
Authors: Xu Tao Gao, Ai Min Zhao, Zheng Zhi Zhao, Ming Ming Zhang, Di Tang
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:By means of optical microscopy(OM), scanning electron microscopy(SEM),X-ray diffraction(XRD),And tensile test, Mechanical Properties of hot...
Authors: Shu Jiang Liu, Yan Fei Zhang
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:Transparent phosphosilicate glass-ceramics were prepared by heating the spontaneously crystallized precursor glasses in which crystals have...
Authors: Jing Guo, Heng Xue Xiang, Cheng Nv Hu
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:Using stearic acid-lauric acid binary of fatty acid as phase change material, waste polyacrylonitrile fiber (PAN) as supporting material,...
Authors: Xue Mei Wang, Hua Yan, Yong Chen, He Bin Bao
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:A new Hg2+-sensing and selective fluorescent sensor, 1-(1-pyrenecarboxaldehyd e)-thiocarbohydrazone, was synthesized and...
Authors: Rui Zhu Zhang, Jie Yang, Yong Li, Da Kao Yan, Wan Shan Su, Zhi Meng Guo
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:This paper researched the fabrication of perovskite (CaTiO3) synroc by combustion synthesis (CS) and the characterization of the...
Authors: Kai Zhu, Li Ming Zhang
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The fly ash has become a major industrial solid waste of emissions in China. Lots of fly ash will not only take the land directly but also...
Authors: Ping Ke Yan, Bin Wang, Yu Juan Gao
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:In this paper, nesquehonite whiskers were synthesized by low-temperature aqueous solution method, and the impacts of reaction temperature,...
Authors: Lei Yuan, Zhong Lin Chen, Yue Liu, Yu Liu
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:Catalytic ozonation of p-Chloronitrobenzene (pCNB) in aqueous solution has been carried out where pumice have been used as the...
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