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Authors: Zhan Jun Yu, Ying Dai, Wen Chen
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Nanostructured α-Ni(OH)2/ mesoporous carbon composites were synthesized by a facile solvothermal method using sodium dodecyle...
Authors: Qi Jun Liu, Zheng Tang Liu, Li Ping Feng, Hao Tian
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:The electronic properties of N-doped orthorhombic SrHfO3 have been calculated using the plane-wave ultrasoft pseudopotential...
Authors: Zheng Liu, Jing Di Zhang, Ying Zhi Zhou, Xue Hui Zhang
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Nanocrystalline Ni-W-Fe-La alloys coatings were prepared by pulse electrodeposition. X-ray diffraction (XRD), scan electron microscopy (SEM)...
Authors: Xiao Gang Diao, Zhi Liang Ning, Fu Yang Cao, Shan Zhi Ren, Jian Fei Sun
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Spheroidal graphite was obtained by direct quenching iron melt atfter spheroidization and inoculation procedures. The morphology and the...
Authors: Xiu Mei Feng, Xiao Qing Lian, Ming Xue Jiang, Yi Ner He
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Al2O3-Ti(C,N)composite ceramics were prepared by in situ aluminothermic reduction and pressureless sintering. The...
Authors: Zheng Liu, Xiao Mei Liu
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Semisolid alloy slurry was prepared by an efficient and energy-saving technology which consists of low superheat pouring and slightly...
Authors: Zheng Hua Guo, Ge Wang Shuai, Ping Fang
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:The variations of hardness and electrical conductivity of a deformed supersaturated Cu-Cr alloy have been investigated during isothermal...
Authors: Wei Wei Ji, Tao Wang, Yan Nie, Rong Zhou Gong
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Based on the impedance matching and electromagnetic resonant characteristic of composite materials, we present a single-layer metamaterial...
Authors: Xiao Fei Ding, Bao Qing Zeng, Ai Guang Lin, Zhong Dong Xie, Cheng Xiao Mu
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:Multi-ion beam (MIB) surface modification techniques are used to treat Cr12MoV cold die work steel. The modified layers of steel treated by...
Authors: Si Wei Liu, Qiao Ying Cao, Yi Zhang, Zhen Guo Chi, Jia Rui Xu
5 Material Processing Technology
Abstract:A novel type of liquid crystalline polyimide with good electroactive properties has been successfully synthesized through polycondensation in...
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