Advanced Materials, CEAM 2011

Volumes 239-242

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hsin Chih Peng, Chen Feng Kuan, Chia Hsun Chen, Kun Chang Lin, Hsu Chiang Kuan

Abstract: The preparation of multi-walled carbon nanotube/polylactide (PLA)/Ecoflex® biodegradable composites is described. Three...

Authors: Lu Sheng Chen, Yan Yan Liu, Yan Ping Ban, Huai Xiang Li

Abstract: The pulsed current of rectangular wave was used to electrolyzing zinc nitrate aqueous solution for the purpose of preparation of a...

Authors: Zhong He Chen, Wei Qiang Wang, Ming Da Song, Ning Ning Dong

Abstract: In order to find out the accident urea reactor explosion reasons, based on the accident investigation, the reactor structure was anatomyed,...

Authors: Xiao Zhen Wang, Yi Feng Zhu, Xiao Nian Li

Abstract: A 2 wt % Pd/C catalyst has been prepared by chemical impregnation and used to catalyze the hydrogenation of o-chloronitrobenzene...

Authors: Z Oo, I.M Low

Abstract: Aluminium titanate, Al2TiO5 (AT) with the pseudobrookite structure is the only compound in the alumina-titania system....

Authors: Ai Min Tang, Jian Kang Song

Abstract: Cellulose/magnetic nanocomposites were prepared by an ultrasound-assisted in-situ composition using cellulose fibers as matrices. The...

Authors: Ying Jie Zhang, Guo Rui Liu, Da Peng Li, Yue Xiao Tian, Li Zhang, Li Li

Abstract: Solid super acid (S2O82-/FexOy-CuOx) was prepared and used as a...

Authors: Chun Yan Zhang, Jia Cheng Gao, Cheng Long Liu

Abstract: In order to improve the corrosion resistance of Mg alloys in applications as degradable implant material. Fluoride conversion coating was...

Authors: Dong Wei Cao, Hai Yan Zhang

Abstract: In this study, the activated crumb rubbers (ACR) and these ACR modified asphalts were prepared. Effects of the preparation technology of...

Authors: Xi Zhang, Gang Xiang

Abstract: Fe56Co44 alloy nanowires were fabricated by electrodeposition with aluminum oxide template. Transmission Electron...


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