Advanced Materials, CEAM 2011

Volumes 239-242

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Lung Chiang, Chuen Shii Chou, Der Ho Wu, Chin Min Hsiung

Abstract: This study investigated the applicability of TiO2/Au (or TiO2/Ag) composite particles, which probably have the plasmon...

Authors: Wei Zhou Li, Yue Qiao Li, Dan Qing Yi, Hui Qun Liu

Abstract: To decrease the interdiffusion, CrON interlayer as a diffusion barrier was introduced into the interface of NiCrAlY overlayer and DSM11...

Authors: Hong Qiang Fan, Shu Ying Li, Zhi Cong Shi, Zong Chang Zhao

Abstract: Conversion coatings on commercial brass were prepared with lanthanum salt (La(NO3)3) and benzotriazole (BTAH) as...

Authors: Shao Jin Jia, Zhen Liu, Ping Kai Jiang, Jian Zhou

Abstract: With an average diameter of 148-285 nm and a conductivity of 2.38E-2- 5.88 E-2S/cm, Nanoscaled polyaniline (PANI) were...

Authors: Hui Gao, Huai Yu Zhan

Abstract: Bamboo kraft pulp with Kappa number of 25.6 was sampled, and oxygen delignification was applied to bleach these bamboo pulp samples. By...

Authors: Deng Xue Du, Zhi Peng Zhang, Lei Zhou

Abstract: Ni-Cr films were electrodeposited from a nickel sulfate, chromium chloride and chromium sulfate bath. To avoid the poor adhesion and bad...

Authors: Chuckaphun Aramphongphun, Chompunoot Chareonwutilap

Abstract: In-mold coating (IMC) of plastic parts is a promising coating process in automotive and consumer products industry. An IMC material, such as...

Authors: Peng Hui Deng, Tie Cheng Li, Gang Yi Cai

Abstract: In this study, the comprehensive performance of AZ80 magnesium alloy was improved by solution treatment and multi-step ageing treatment. The...

Authors: Qing Wang, Tian Shu He, Jing Da, Jun Liu, Zhao Yang Ding

Abstract: Zinc zeolite-Ce/ TiO2 antibacterial material was prepared through immersion method with anatase nano- TiO2 power as...

Authors: Wei Yuan Wang, Qing Nan Zhao, Wen Hui Yuan, Pu Lei Yang, Hong Yu Liang, Ying Liu, Yu Hong Dong

Abstract: P-type hydrogenated amorphous silicon films were deposited on float glass substrates by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)....


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