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Authors: Zhong Hou Zhang, Guang Xiu Cao, Ying Ying Li, Xiao Yan Wei
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The B-F codoped nano-TiO2 powders were prepared by the sol-gel method. The surface of powders was modified by stearic acid. The...
Authors: Jian Zhe Ma, Tie Liu, Da Heng Mao, Ji Bin Li, Hong Zhi Wang
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The mechanical properties of the extruded profiles depend on the final microstructure distribution in the extrusion process. To investigate...
Authors: Chuan Lai, Bin Xie, Bin Yi, Zhen Xiang, Xue Yang, Ni Zeng, Li Ke Zou, Zhong Ming Lu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The environment-friendly hydrochloric acid pickling inhibitor was extracted from distiller's grains (DG). By comparing a variety of...
Authors: Zhi He
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:A secondary dendrite arm spacing coarsening model for multi-component alloy is proposed, where the back diffusion flux in solid is simplified...
Authors: Qi Zhou, Chun Lin He, Qing Kui Cai, Ping Zhao
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Surface morphologies of sealed films on anodized aluminum alloy extraordinarily affect on their corrosion resistance. Two-dimensional surface...
Authors: Shui Ping Yin, Min Yu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Dynamic mechanical behavior of materials, which is the response under cyclic stress(cyclic strain/force) in vibration condition, is different...
Authors: Shu Ping Yu, Xiao Cong Chang, Zhong Ming Wang, Ke Fei Han, Hong Zhu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Cobalt oxide-Polyaniline (Co3O4/PANI) nanocomposites were prepared via inverted emulsion polymerization. The structure...
Authors: Man Le Zhang, Jing Lin He, Chun Lan Xu, Long Guan Zhu, Yun Fei Zheng, Yi Zhou, Ling Zhang, Dong Mei Luo, Zhong Cao
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:A simple and reliable method for electrochemical determination of nitrite based on Gd doped nano titanium dioxide (Gd-nano-TiO2)...
Authors: Rui Fen Zou, Zhong Cao, Ju Lan Zeng, Yun Lin Dai, Li Xian Sun
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The adsorption characteristics of four calixarene supramolecular compounds, like RCT, PCT, MRCT, and TBCA, as coating materials of quartz...
Authors: Yu Cao, Zhong Cao, Jiao Yun Xia, Ju Lan Zeng, Li Xian Sun
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Four calixarene supramolecular compounds, RCT, PCT, MRCT, and TBCA as active materials, were immobilized on gold substrates of quartz crystal...
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