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Authors: Guang Si Luo, Qian Wang
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:In this paper, the one bath dyeing technology of wool and silk was studied, which were colored with neolan dye. The best dyeing conditions of...
Authors: Kai Sheng Xia, Qiu Ming Gao
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Four nanoporous carbons have been synthesized by using similar silica template method. The structural characterizations showed that the...
Authors: Yong Sheng Shi, Di Mai, Hui Rong Zhao
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:This article uses the hydrothermal method to prepare the high dispersion spherical ZnO powders, The phase composition and microstructures of...
Authors: Yong Sheng Shi, Hui Rong Zhao, Bang Qing Wang, Su Hang Gu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:White light-emitting materials of Eu2+, Mn2+-codoped Ca2SiO3Cl2 were prepared....
Authors: Julie Juliewatty Mohamed, Phua Chee Hung, Zainal Arifin Ahmad
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Inter-metallic compound of Ti3SiC2 was produced via modified-SHS (self-propagating high temperature synthesis)....
Authors: Xi Lan Hu, Qin Jiang, Xing You Xu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:A novel mixed-ligand copper(II) complex [Cu(pht)2(phen)H2O] (Hpht = 5,5-diphenylimidazolidine-2,4-dione, phen =...
Authors: De Juan Xie, Zong De Liu, Wei Qiang Hu, Yong Tian Wang
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Fe-based amorphous composite coatings were deposited on the surface of ASTM-1020 steel plate by different technologies: arc spraying, laser...
Authors: Hui Min Tan, Jian Jun Wang, You Hai Jin
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Based on experimental and computational fluid dynamics analysis, the phenomenon of particle back-mixing near the dust outlet in cyclone...
Authors: Qing Ju Ning, Bang Qing Wang, Su Hang Gu, Fang Fang Guo
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:Bi4Si3O12 powders are prepared by template -hydrothermal used Bi4Si3O12 as...
Authors: Chang Zheng Zheng, Liang Wang, Juan Liu
6 Functional Materials
Abstract:The title complex, [(C5H5N)Ni(C15H11N2O2Br)], was...
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