Advanced Materials, CEAM 2011

Volumes 239-242

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cheng Lun Liu, Chun Lan He, Tai Ping Xie, Yu E Yang, Ting Xia Liang

Abstract: The preservation of Synsepalum dulcificum has been researched by using chitosan coating as the antistaling agent at room temperature. The...

Authors: Yi Lung Cheng, Jiung Wu, Cheng Yang Hsieh

Abstract: Precipitates appear on fluorine-doped silicon oxide (SiOF) film when the film surface is exposed to atmospheric air. They are flake-type and...

Authors: Chang Song Zhang, Chen Jie Guo

Abstract: In this paper, Plated-like Bi4Ti3O12 particles with anisotropic properties were prepared by the NaCl-KCl...

Authors: Cun Dong Xu, Yan Wang, Hui Min Hou, Lu Xin Zhai

Abstract: Based on the mechanism research of buildings corroded by the high salinity groundwater, this paper suggested that the corrosion problem can...

Authors: Ban Quan Yang, Fa Xin Li

Abstract: In this work, the fracture behavior of a multi-layered thin film structure under residual tensile stress is investigated theoretically....

Authors: Kun Wang, Li Na Dai, He Nan Li, Chang Ju, Wei Liu, Yi Cong Jin

Abstract: Magnetically separable copper phthalocyanine/Fe3O4 (CuPc/Fe3O4) core–shell nano- composites were...

Authors: Qing Jie Tang, Wen Rong Wu

Abstract: The paraffin-polystyrene microsphere was synthesized by the suspension polymerization technology, the effect of the technics parameter on...

Authors: Chang Jun Chen, Qin Cao, Min Zhang, Qing Ming Chang, Shi Chang Zhang

Abstract: An attempt has been made to fabricate Ni-base alloy layer on the surface of TC2 titanium alloy substrate by laser repair cladding technology...

Authors: Chun Zhi Jiang, You Wen Liu, Chao Xie

Abstract: Based on the complex variable method, the magnetoelectroelastic interaction of a generalized screw dislocation with an elliptical...

Authors: Jin Ping Fan, She Bin Wang, Duan Yang Guo, Bing She Xu

Abstract: Four kinds of Mg-Al-Sr alloys of Sr/Al mass ratio between 0.0~1.0 were made in the vacuum resistor furnace. The effect and effect mechanical...


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