Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Ye, Yun Jiang Li, Bai Ling Zhou

Abstract: Based on the data from research on the energy consumption of Wuhan City families, surveyed the relationship among the family structure,...

Authors: Xiao Ning Li

Abstract: On the May 12, a huge earthquake occurred in Sichuan Province, and causing tremendous damage. There are 5,401,900 housing collapsed and...

Authors: Jian Lu, Hao Yang, Ming Li Zhang

Abstract: In order to invetigate the natural radioactivity levels of typical building materials in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province,China, the specific...

Authors: Ji Long Zhao, Ya Wei Kong, Chang An Liu

Abstract: Based on the background of the environment and climate change today, this paper elaborates the meaning and approaching method of zero-carbon...

Authors: Ji Long Zhao, Chang An Liu, Yu Kun Zhang

Abstract: Integrating agriculture into urban environment and architectural space, which connects with production, life and ecological systems, will be...

Authors: Xiao Ping Yu, Xiang Zhao Fu

Abstract: Energy efficiency in buildings is a worldwide problem, especially in China, it is under developed and begins very late, so research on...

Authors: Xiao Tong Peng, Chen Lin

Abstract: An on-site test on envelope of a typical steel residential building in cold region is performed. The testing results provide evaluation...

Authors: Na Li, Yan Qian Zhao, Qi Liu

Abstract: Taking residential building in hot summer and cold winter zone as research subject, studies the influence factors and sensitivity of...

Authors: Li Ma, Yuan Yuan Li

Abstract: In the reservoir water temperature conducted annual test, test data shows that water temperature perennial remain in 9 ~ 10 in certain depth...

Authors: Dan Yu, Yong Chang Chen, Chong Fang Ma

Abstract: Fouling of heat transfer surfaces causes serious technical and economic problems in industry. A CFD based model is proposed for predicting...


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