Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Yong Kong

Abstract: As one of the four landscape elements, the plants were very important to the landscape quality. According to the needs for construction of...

Authors: Xin Yang, Qi Zhang

Abstract: In the present trend of pursuing green life and promoting natural purpose that ,as the closet garden landscape to peoples’ living, the house...

Authors: Li Juan Wang, Jia Ping Liu, Yan Feng Liu, Ying Ying Wang, Jing Chen

Abstract: Haikou is located in tropic climates in China. The outdoor environment in summer is too harsh to stay here. However, the traditional...

Authors: Guo Qi Xing, Wei Wei Wang

Abstract: In the established model of economic evaluation, it considers the impact of construction conserves energy elements of existing buildings and...

Authors: You Xi Wang, Jun Qing Ma

Abstract: The soil-cement is applied in hydraulic engineering, construction engineering and highway engineering. It needs take much time and energy to...

Authors: Li Li Wang, Zheng Yang, Tao Shang

Abstract: The ecological environment of ethnic architecture is a major task facing architecture scholars. By spot investigating of Hani nationality...

Authors: Yu Chen, Ying Li Gao

Abstract: FA-FGD mortar and concrete were manufactured and tested the main performances. With WFA-FGD taking 80~85% of the total composite binder by...

Authors: Hui Cao, Qiu Yang Liao

Abstract: It introduces small high-rise building concepts, discusses the calculation of solar hot water system, which includes the collection of raw...

Authors: Ge Liu, Ming Qiang Huang

Abstract: Based on the view of construction market in towns and villages energy-saving housing in China, combining the theory of information...

Authors: Yue Jie Sun, Gao Jian Dong

Abstract: Protection of historical and cultural sites and exploitation of underground space became the two important weights on both ends of the...


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