Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Hui Xu, De Cheng Luo, Yan Ke Lv

Abstract: Natural factor is that various factors as the ridges, valleys, plateaus, ravines formed by the nature force and can be abstracted as plane...

Authors: Yu Hui Xu, Qiu Fen Wang

Abstract: Several issues of fringe residential area street space in main city of Guiyang raised during the constuction process have come into...

Authors: Hui Guo, Wan Min Zhao

Abstract: “The city can be regarded as a complex system based on CAS theory. The study has extracted five characteristic elements of CAS theory, i.e....

Authors: Tong Zhou

Abstract: As a result of its deep historical and cultural connotation, the research on historical and cultural cities has become a diverse academic...

Authors: Fang Yan, Ji Peng Liu, Feng Yu Wang

Abstract: With continuous development of metropolitan, urban population has had a sharp rise in recent few decades, and the following appeared problem...

Authors: Yan Li

Abstract: The low-carbon planning of towns should build up the low-carbon ecology as its compilation concept, emphasize the concept of low-carbon...

Authors: Min Yuan, Bing Yu Pan, Shi Jun Wang

Abstract: Residential Design briefly explained the relationship with the circular economy, according to the design of residential status and future...

Authors: Wan Min Zhao, Xiao Fang Wei

Abstract: Urban green space is an important part of the urban ecosystem. There are some problems exist in the modern city such as green space gross...

Authors: Zhen Long Zhang

Abstract: Chinese cities expanded and developed at an astounding rate of growth during the past three decades. The consequence rise in exorbitant...

Authors: Ling De Jiang, Zhen Long Zhang

Abstract: Urban and Rural Integration development is a stage of urbanization process. China’s long-term imbalance in urban-rural development breaks...


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