Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Yong Dong, Ying Ying Wang

Abstract: With the rapid development of economy and the speedy process of urbanization, many new districts have been developed to meet the needs of...

Authors: Qi Wang, Fei Wang, Qun Dang

Abstract: The climate of most loess plateau gully area is continental monsoon climate. It is hot , dry, sometimes rain-storm in summer, and cold,...

Authors: Yao Zhi Huang

Abstract: Urban sculpture works is a huge system what include the level, the sequence structure when you examines carefully from the plan angle,...

Authors: Fang Yan, Ji Peng Liu, Xiao Juan Zhu

Abstract: After sorting and analyzing the plaza design of Martha Schwartz, to discussing contemporary landscape design of urban plaza. The author...

Authors: Liu Cui, Jin Zhang

Abstract: Systematic is a global nature cognition theory which is defined as a basic model of things existence. Contemporary landscape architecture is...

Authors: Ke Jun Wen, Li Ping Wu, Qian Qian Yan, Jia Liu, Qin He, Si Qiong Li

Abstract: Taking the ecological design of Mingfei Lake in our school as an example, the paper puts forward a general thinking of planning and...

Authors: Gui Yuan Li, Zhong Yuan Duan, Yang Xu

Abstract: In recent years, with the increase of population, the development of urbanization, and the improvement of people’s living standard, people...

Authors: Ming Ying Zeng, Qing Song Xian, Ying Zhang

Abstract: Land resources is becoming more and more precious with the fast speed of nation-wide urbanization ,so it’s a great waste not to use the idle...

Authors: Xue Qiang Wang, Li Ya Fan, Chun Ying Long

Abstract: Research the landscape planning and design of Dayuanhe reservoir, from the perspective accreting with nature and mutual benefit. Analyze the...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Yan Hui Sui, Xue Biao Geng

Abstract: Low-carbon city provide both opportunity and challenge for landscape architecture. Urban green space planning and design are the most...


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