Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Volumes 243-249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Min Zhang, Hui Feng Qi, Liang Liu

Abstract: The traditional street is one of the most attractive essences of historic urban area. This paper summarizes the Street System Plan of Minggu...

Authors: Jun Ren

Abstract: The increasing expansion of the city’s size led to the city’s capacity of disaster prevention and reduction lags far behind economic...

Authors: Jun Min Zhang, Yan Xu, Shu Fei Chen

Abstract: The “Stub-End Type” Residential Area is a special community, which is characterized by its position that is located in the end of a...

Authors: Si Biao Wu, Xiao Hua Tang, Chun Wang

Abstract: The promulgation and implementation of "Urban and Rural Planning Law" has a great legal significance to regulatory detailed...

Authors: Yao Zhi Huang, Qing Yu Li

Abstract: The natural characteristics with dense water network and co-existent land and water determine the leading role of water network in natural...

Authors: Yao Zhi Huang, You Jun Zhou, Yin Sheng Wang

Abstract: This paper aims at solving the development problem between the inner ecological sensitivity of scenic and the its exploitation given by the...

Authors: Cong Huai Xu, Xiao Hui Zhang, Hai Qiang Fan, Shu Chen Xu

Abstract: The construction of the cities in China is under rapid development. Large-scale construction and renewal cut off the trace of city history -...

Authors: Ning Bai, Rong Wang

Abstract: Excellent buildings in different period recording city memory in different phases, they are connected up and irreplaceable respectively. As...

Authors: Xiao Long Li, Yang Wu, Ru Qin Huang

Abstract: This article complies with the own economic discipline of urban land and studies relevant experiences at home and abroad systematically. The...

Authors: Yu Li, Xue Liang Zhao, Qi Wang

Abstract: The Muslim architectural heritage has outstanding historical, artistic value, because of the character and integrity of architectural form,...


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