Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Xiang Tang, Chun Hong Song

Abstract: In the present work, the Cosserat micro-polar continuum theory is introduced into the FEM numerical model, which is used to simulate the...

Authors: Hai Wen Teng, Tao Wang, Ming Yu Su, Da Huo

Abstract: A new method taking the second derivative of low-level axial vibration modal shape as damage index is presented on the basis of theoretical...

Authors: Jin You Zhao, Yao Chun Zhang, Xun Guo

Abstract: In order to investigate the different mechanical behavior of column-bracing system between fixed-ended and pin-ended column base, a large...

Authors: Yang Hang Shi, Shao Feng Chu, De Hai Yu

Abstract: In this paper, the experimental method is adopted to study the mechanical performance of corroded high-strength steel bars. HRB400 and...

Authors: Ping Zhu, Shu Wang Yan

Abstract: Foundation piles of the offshore oil platforms in Bohai Bay are usually longer than 100m with a diameter larger than 2m. Thus, thoughtful...

Authors: Chun Sheng Wang, Xiao Liang Zhai, Lan Duan, Bao Rui Li

Abstract: In order to study the bending capacity of steel and concrete composite girder with concrete filled tubular flange (SCCGCFTF), a formula for...

Authors: Chun Sheng Wang, Xiao Liang Zhai, Jing Wei Zhu, Shuang Jie Zheng

Abstract: In order to promote the applications of steel and concrete composite girder with concrete-filled tubular up-flange (SCCGCFTF) in practical...

Authors: Chun Sheng Wang, Tao Zhang, Bing Ning Fu, Liang Tang, Li Ji Huang

Abstract: A full scale model of orthotropic deck panel was designed and fabricated referring to the common steel box girder bridges used in China....

Authors: Chun Feng Li, Yong Bo Li

Abstract: When earthquake occurs, it is in near-fault that the most serious damage happens and velocity pulse appears. Velocity pulse could have huge...

Authors: Jin Jun Hu, Li Li Xie, Yong Qiang Yang

Abstract: We study the characteristics of ground motion fields and peak ground motion attenuation relations during the 2008 Ms 8.0 great Wenchuan...


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