Advanced Building Materials

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Authors: Xian Song Xie, Dong Jin Yan, Yue Zhai Zheng

Abstract: Genetic algorithm is a non-numerical optimization method which based on natural selection and population genetics.Using genetic algorithm to...

Authors: Ming Yang Chen, Jian Sheng Zhang, Guan Gen Zhou

Abstract: Dynamic wind pressures acting on structures are complicated functions of both time and space. The proper orthogonal decomposition technique...

Authors: Bao Long Zhu, Xi Yong Wu

Abstract: In late-July, 2005, a series of thunderstorms dropped 10 cm of rain in a 72-h period over southwestern Sichuan province. The storms also...

Authors: Li Tang, Zhong Hua Tang

Abstract: By preliminarily study and evaluation of indoor air quality issues origin, causes, influence and purpose of the research, the paper puts...

Authors: De Bao Lei, Zhong Hua Tang, Kai Zhao

Abstract: With the application of the central air conditioning system widely, it has increased fast the consumption of national energy. This paper...

Authors: Xiu Juan Jiang, Zhan Jun Guo

Abstract: Under the background of global warming, the concept of "low carbon" comes into being. The author puts forward the concept of low carbon...

Authors: Ke Wei

Abstract: Village as the basic prototype, most of the Chinese ancient towns have formed distinctive spatial structure in the joint action of multiple...

Authors: Gang Li, Shi Gang Wu

Abstract: The concept of regional urban designing is put forward on the foundation of the analysis of the background of modern city designing and the...

Authors: Jun Feng Guan, Yu Hu, Shun Bo Zhao, Long Bang Qing, Qing Bin Li, Li Hong Zhang, Dan Ni Luo

Abstract: This paper proposes a theoretical expression for the ultimate relationship between the crack gauge monitoring data and steel stress gauge...

Authors: Xin Li, Ya Wei, Liang Li

Abstract: According to the normal method for sampling in the appendix of “The Central Air-Conditioning Ventilation System of Public Health Standard”...


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