Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Zong, Lu Ping Yan, Hai Bo Wang

Abstract: There are different blasting stress field which around the blast hole caused by different charge when explosives exploded in the rock....

Authors: Hai Bo Wang, Peng Ju Lu, Qi Zong

Abstract: Small pipe of staggered by length leading-drilling and grouting support technology was adopted for per-reinforcement of Lion-shaped Tunnel...

Authors: Heng Xiang Zheng, Rong He, Xiao Yang Huang

Abstract: Rock bolt crane girder is a structure form which is widely used in the underground powerhouse of hydropower station. It makes reinforced...

Authors: Ji Meng Feng, Wen Ge Qiu, Mei Qun Li

Abstract: The 15 tunnels located in Line Chengkun, Baocheng and Dacheng were investigated by the authors. The tunnel disease was inducted and...

Authors: Bin Xu, De Gao Zou, Jing Bi, Xian Jing Kong, Tao Gong

Abstract: A series of large scale consolidated drained shear triaxial tests were performed on reinforced and unreinforced sand-gravel specimens, the...

Authors: Bin Xu, Wei Luo, De Gao Zou, Xian Jing Kong, Yang Zhou

Abstract: Cemented coarse-grained soils have both the properties of coarse-grained soils and concrete. This paper used discrete element method (DEM)...

Authors: Yong Hua Yang, Chun Xia Chen, Ming Ji Fang

Abstract: The arches resist general loading by a combination of axial compression and bending actions which vary along the arch. Under these actions,...

Authors: Ming Huang, Xu Dong Zhang, Mao Kun Xu, Li Qin Cai

Abstract: With 19 groups of data associated with inrush or bursting water from karst cavity, obtained from Yichang-Wanxian Railway Maluqing Tunnel...

Authors: Zhi Hai Qin, Tong Dong Li

Abstract: In the civil engineering construction, with the building load of building construction or adding storeys, foundation pit dewatering,...

Authors: Yong Bo Li, Hong Ru Zhang, Chun Feng Li

Abstract: This paper presents the results of seismic behavior analysis of a multi-span simply supported (MSSS) bridge in Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The...


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