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Authors: Ying Yu, Shu Bin Ren, Hui Min Lu, Hong Mei Kang
Abstract: The globalization of modern society made the multi-urban culture faced with the globalization of information resources and environment impact. How the urban local culture updates during the interwoven and conflict with the world culture becomes the key problem during the process of urban space circle development. This paper begins with the negative impacts of the loss of localization on the circle development of the cultural forms, and then puts forward solutions in the optimization of local cultural forms in urban space level.
Authors: Chun Ling Li, Yan Zhou
Abstract: Temples usually are located beside cities as means to leading to a saintly and calm life in china for more than 500 years ago. But in these fast developing years in china, the peaceful temples are encircled by the fast growing cities, and as tourism become an important activity, it also encroaches into temples because of its inimitable character. The temple now is a heterogeneous system now is faced with the changes of value, judgment and moreover, it is thence critical as the spirits of the bonzes may be put out of balance and thirst for unreligious life a cause for lure. In this kind of situation, this article discusses how to keep the balance within the spirits of the bonzes even within our noisy earthliness and also provide for worship in order to glorify the power of Buddha within the same temple space by measure of physical planning. From record analysis of the Guiyuan Buddhist temple in Wuhan China, it can be established that temples still can be a saintly and calm place for all the bonzes, and for providing comfort for the anguished and confused public who come to visit.
Authors: Jiong Zhu, Jian Cheng Kang
Abstract: The relationship between sea water temperature with depth and the maximum cyclone wind speed was analyzed, the temperature was acquired before 24h of the cyclones occurred by using of data of Argo floats and cyclones in 2005, and taking advantage of inverse distance weighted interpolation method. The results showed that: (1) the Tropical Cyclone’s intensity had a strong correlation with the sea water temperature in the depth of about 42m or so. (2) Under the conditions of similar latitude, according to the energy conservation law, the maximum intensity of cyclones wind was a linear function of sea water temperature, depth, and continuous change in the overall rate, which was verified through the actual observation data.
Authors: Duo Zhong Pan, De Min Wei
Abstract: Many long-span structures have to be divided into several substructures to manufacture simultaneously and ensemble by multi-steps. Based on the engineering practice that pre-angles can be set at joint nodes between pre-erected and after-erected substructures by inter-node design, this paper proposes that the pre-erected substructures can be analyzed independently with finite element method(FEM) to ensue safety of the semi-complete structure system, and the displacement of joint nodes can server as boundary constraint of after-erected substructures after the rotational components are relaxed, the theoretical basis and solution algorithm is described also. The analysis of a typical case proves that this method make the after-erected substructures facilitated more easily.
Authors: Qiang Du, Jian Yang, Tian Hua Zhou
Abstract: Glass is widely used for its properties of transparency. It has been favoured by architects for the last two decades and used to deliver a distinct style of architecture. However, the conflicting performance requirements make the decision making on glass selection in building envelopes a complex process. This paper investigates the factors affecting the selection of glass used in building facade, and proposes a hierarchy of decision making to facilitate the information flow. This may provide an integrated and robust approach to reach an informed decision.
Authors: Min Zhou
Abstract: The use of data resources available for environmental as well as the integration of GIS data and noise simulation software in this research have provided technical solutions to some difficult problems while getting and editing data in the course of noise calculation. Subsequently, the 3D noise traffic mapping of downtown Guangzhou was also completed. This approach has greatly improved production efficiency and precision, provided a low-cost solution for noise mapping production which has practical value and will provide experience to the production of similar maps.
Authors: Cun Dong Xu, Yan Wang, Lu Xin Zhai, Hui Min Hou, Yan Wei Sun
Abstract: Based on the mechanism research of pipe buttress corroded by the high salinity groundwater, this paper suggested that the corrosion problem can be solved by improving the anti-corrosion capability of the buildings in itself and reducing erosive medium. This paper put forward some repair technology and prevention method worthy popularization for corrosion of concrete buildings in irrigation district.
Authors: Xing Lan Bai, Ruo Chen Gao
Abstract: Based on the theory of a slender rod with bending stiffness, Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) is modeled as a small extensible cable. Considering the factors of Spar motion and soil interaction, coupled dynamic analysis for SCR-Spar in time domain is developed using the program developed from a cable dynamic analysis computer code CABLE3D. The paper focuses on the effect of soil suction on dynamic response, tension and bending moment obtained from modified program at key zone of SCR. The results indicate that riser flexural rigidity and soil suction play important roles on affecting the dynamic curvature at the Touch Down Zone (TDZ).
Authors: Dong Bing Zhang, Xiang Lin Jiang, Yan Hui Liu
Abstract: This paper presents a new-style isolation device for serially isolated system by the dynamic analysis to serially isolated system. This device has small horizontal stiffness and the difference of this device with rubber-lead bearing is that this device can resist biggish vertical tensile force. Then the experiment for small-scale model of this device based on sweep sine shaking table is processed. The results show serially isolated system with this device can prolong natural period of serial system and effectively decrease the response of superstructure and have good isolated performance and stability.
Authors: Jin Song Gui, Qing Meng, Zhen Guo Li, Bo Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, the basin excavation process is numerically simulated by using the geotechnical engineering software PLAXIS, and the bending moment, deformation and anchor bar tension of sheet piles under different excavation methods are obtained. The influence in different basin excavation methods on internal force and deformation of the sheet pile is studied by the non-linear finite element method. The results show that, if the construction process was piling before excavation, the maximum bending moment at mid-span, the maximum bending moment in buried section, the maximum horizontal displacement and anchor bar tension of the sheet piles would be bigger than the results without considering the influence of basin excavation. Therefore, the influence of basin excavation sequence should be seriously taken into account in the sheet pile design and construction.

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