Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Xian Li, Jia Peng He

Abstract: In this paper, full-scale experiments had been designed and implemented in wind tunnel to simulate the corridor fire. A combination model...

Authors: Li Jia Liu, Bin Zhang, Jing Lu Sun

Abstract: Based on the research on the frost resistance durability of Elastocoast® PUR-stone, this thesis provides a comparison and analysis of the...

Authors: Yu Qiang Lin, Yan Shi, Ding Ming Guo, Jia Zheng Li, Hua Quan Yang

Abstract: Tests on rolling technology of four-graded RCC were carried out on dam site and then recommended construction parameters of four-graded RCC...

Authors: Jian Hua Cui, Han Jiang Xiao, Liang Shan

Abstract: In order to understand the contact condition of longitudinal joint of gravity dam and its influence on dam body stress, taking a concrete...

Authors: Jing Liu, Fei Ma, Ying Li

Abstract: Vegetation evaporation is believed to be an important control measure in heat-island mitigation. The impact of vegetation on mitigating heat...

Authors: Yu He

Abstract: The conflict between urban plan and land use plan is an intricate problem. This paper will take Yicheng City as an example to analyze the...

Authors: She Zhou Luo, Cheng Wang

Abstract: Geographic Information System (GIS) has been widely applied to the field of pest management, which provides the new ways and methods for...

Authors: Faridah Othman, M.E. Alaa Eldin, Mustaffa K. Mohd Nor

Abstract: The Klang River originates from the northern part of Selangor, drains the Klang Valley, and finally discharges itself into the Straits of...

Authors: Shao Qing Hu, Bai Tao Sun

Abstract: Based on the characteristic of cooler frame, the finite element model of air cooler frame is established using ANSYS software. Equivalent...

Authors: Xiu Guang Song, Zhi Gang Dou, Kai Yao, Yang Yang

Abstract: Dynamic consolidation has been widely used in many engineering fields. But in the use of discarded iron slag filled embankment, because the...


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