Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Tian, Xin Hua Feng

Abstract: Numerical simulation for the progressive collapse of the underground structure under its internal blast load has been reported in this...

Authors: Yu Xiao Liu, Tao Ge, Xin Li, Jing Zhou

Abstract: Snaked-lay pipeline is an effective method for control lateral buckling of pipeline, which is used widely. For design of snaked-lay pipeline...

Authors: Dong Jian Zheng, Lin Cheng, Jia Lin Wang

Abstract: In this paper the direct constraint model is adopt to solve the penetration problem of traditional Goodman element. A method to determine...

Authors: Zheng Wang, Juan Xiong

Abstract: Based on the current situation that the regulatory detailed planning is being adjusted frequently in most cities in China, the contents and...

Authors: Yan Hong Gao, Jun Zhi Zhang

Abstract: According to risk analysis theory, a model of analysis for failure risk of upstream revetment of existing levees is proposed in this paper....

Authors: Xue Hua Zhao, Li Li An

Abstract: This paper discusses stabilizing treatment of runoff time series by empirical mode decomposition (EMD), and periodic analysis of stabilized...

Authors: Chun Lai Dong

Abstract: This paper elaborated that the real estate develops the whole-process to surveying and mapping the work contents, method and requests in...

Authors: Yu Zhuo Wang, Chuang Guo Fu

Abstract: Prestressed steel reinforced concrete structure, compared with other concrete structure has its unique advantages. So it is mainly used in...

Authors: Xing Nong Zhang, Chang Ying Chen, Si He Zhang, Qiang Ying

Abstract: For improving water scenery of Quanzhou city to form a good-looking artificial lake, a barrier is planned to be built in the Jinjiang...

Authors: Run Lin Yang, Hai Guo

Abstract: Since the terrorist attacks have increased over the world in recent years, blast-resistant protection of building structures has received...


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