Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Dong Cai, Hai Bo Guo, Meng Huang

Abstract: The paper takes the examples of three representative city including Jilin, Harbin and Jiamusi, analyzes the phased evolution characteristics...

Authors: Guang Lin Yuan, Lu Dan Tian

Abstract: Accidents of the cement manufacturers’ reinforced concrete silo structures frequently occurred currently in China, because of quality...

Authors: Hua Gu, Gen Hua Yan

Abstract: During electricity generation in Hydropower Station, there’s pulsating pressure load on discharge flow, which induces vibration and fatigue...

Authors: Hao Zhang, Xi Shi, Li Fang Lai

Abstract: This paper introduces a method to apply time series analysis in dam deformation monitoring and prediction. We provide a simplified AR...

Authors: Hua Gu, Gen Hua Yan

Abstract: During electricity generation in the power station, the dynamic pulsating loads bring about vibration on penstock and expansion joint...

Authors: Jie Ying Sui, Chen Ming Xu, Wen Feng Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a new type SMA damper making use of SMA wire was designed. When the damper was in a tensile, compressed or tensional...

Authors: Hui Wen, Feng Ling Li

Abstract: Arched section consisted of a rectangle and a semicircle part. It is commonly applied in the field of hydroelectric engineering. The normal...

Authors: Qi Wen Xu, Cheng Long Gong

Abstract: With the rapid development of the real estate industry of china, the architectural decoration companies have been getting a good chance to...

Authors: Yan Yuan, Yan Kui Li, Xiao Xi Zhu

Abstract: Central Business District (CBD) is not only is the central district of a city, but also the product of economic and the third industry...

Authors: Jing Wei Zhao

Abstract: Only by making intensive use of land to achieve highly compact, can a city achieve functional concentration and optimization to promote the...


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