Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ping Feng, Hang Ming Wu, Wei Ding Long

Abstract: The layout of district cooling pipeline network is a typical combinational optimization problem. Taking the minimum annual total cost of...

Authors: Pei Juan Lu, Jie Yang, Cong Bin Huang

Abstract: The relationship between surface crack tip stress intensity factor and calculated parameters of pavement structure is discussed and finite...

Authors: Yi Liu, Xiao Min Mao

Abstract: Numerical simulation is an essential tool for investigation of seawater intrusion in coastal aquifer. For most groundwater modeling...

Authors: Zhi Ping Zhou, Rong Wang, Chao Huang

Abstract: Indoor air quality has an important impact on human health.In order to find out indoor air quality (IAQ) condition at the waiting room in...

Authors: Cheng Gang Liu, Guang Hua Wei, Homer L. Bruner

Abstract: A method for simulating heat recovery systems using AirModel in implementations of the ASHRAE simplified energy analysis procedure was...

Authors: Ni Li, Liang Li, Si Li, Jing Xiao

Abstract: The energy efficiency reformation of existing buildings is a very complicated system which is controlled by lots of factors. It is very...

Authors: Hong Ming Fan, Kai Yuan He, Dan Zhang, Zhi Fang Yin

Abstract: Rail transit hub is key node in urban transportation system. The study on properties of ventilation and smoke control system can improve...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Bing Han, Peng Liu

Abstract: This paper presents researches on the technique for testing water content and moisture field in concrete by GPR. Through the experiments, a...

Authors: Hong Ming Fan, Kai Yuan He, Zhi Fang Yin, Dan Zhang

Abstract: The typical subway island-platform of Beijing as research object was present in the article. Taking two-equation turbulence model and giving...

Authors: Li Tian, Hao Wang

Abstract: A numerical analysis for the progressive collapse of a reinforced concrete frame caused by an explosion in this structure’s basement is...


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