Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Ning Jin, Yu Hong Zhang

Abstract: The plasma in the eolian sand, included silt particle and clay particle, change easily and hugely. For studying their influences on the...

Authors: He Cheng Liang, Li Jia Chang, Ai Guo Zhou

Abstract: The soft base in the testing section of Jiang-zhu highwaysis 55 meters deep, and its mechanical property is not better than that of silt...

Authors: Dian Hua Wang, Xin Guan, Song Yuan Zhang

Abstract: The solar energy photovoltaic thermal system is a method to achieve grade utilization of solar energy to improve the comprehensive...

Authors: Cheng Gang Liu, Homer L. Bruner

Abstract: Cushing Library located on Texas A&M University campus is a special building, which needs precise temperature and relative humidity...

Authors: Cheng Gang Liu, Homer L. Bruner

Abstract: A multi-functional institutional building often has ventilation and comfort requirements that vary widely from zone to zone. When we...

Authors: Bao Quan Geng

Abstract: Based on the project management with life-cycle management technology, this paper establishes a integrated system of life-cycle management...

Authors: Shi Bao Luo

Abstract: In the high-rise building, the conversion layer is often set when the structure of upper and lower floors are different. This conversion...

Authors: Li Ye Sun, Gang Liu, Hong Hai

Abstract: Considering the characteristics of vision in the low luminance and weak contrast environment, this research obtains a series of simulant...

Authors: Wen Xue Gao, Zu Cheng Zhuo, Bing Hui Hou, Ning Ning Chen

Abstract: The impact of blasting effect is an important factor of dynamic stability in the excavation of rock slope. Based on the sub-grade...

Authors: Gong Duan Fan, Zhi Zhang, Jing Luo, Xin Wan, Chao Liu

Abstract: To research the suitable water intake technology of open-lakes Water Source Heat Pump system (WSHPs) in Chongqing, water temperature, water...


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