Advanced Building Materials

Volumes 250-253

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Bin Chen, You Po Su, Jun Wei Xing, Yu Min Zhang

Abstract: The constitutive relation of concrete under uniaxial tension and compression is an essential theoretical basis for structural analysis of...

Authors: Shi Xia Zhang, Ji Ming Zhang, Shi Min Zhang

Abstract: Based on the theory of the landscape ecology , this paper puts forward the ways of the landscape ecological protection, repair and...

Authors: Ya Wei Kong, Chang An Liu, Ji Long Zhao, Bin Zhao, Xiao Dong Li

Abstract: The reconstruction in the area of Wenchuan Earthquake strives to be eco-friendly and recalls the question of how green. Built environment,...

Authors: Zhong Jian Sun, Mei Ling Tian, Yan Feng Fang

Abstract: The unfired bricks which regarded as a new green wall material are produced by fly ash, shell ash (renewable resources), cement and lime as...

Authors: Yong Yao, Yun Peng Chu, Li Wang, Rui Zhao

Abstract: Cold-formed steel structure is suitable for post-earthquake reconstruction since its good seismic performance and construction speed....

Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Hong Cheng, Hui Ming Cheng

Abstract: Powder of Ti-46at%Al alloy was synthesized through mechanical activation (MA) and then sintered and concurrently consolidated in a short...

Authors: Lin Xin Tong, Jin Hong Li, Jie Shen, Xiao Qian Jiang

Abstract: Mullite nanocomposites powders have been successfully synthesized from high-aluminium coal fly ash via hydrothermal crystallization process....

Authors: Qing Song Li, Shao Ping Meng

Abstract: The research conducts the numerical analysis of the fatigue performance of precracked concrete beams strengthened with prestressed CFRP,...

Authors: Yong Jia Song, Lin Gang Tian, Xiao Yu Han, Shuai Feng

Abstract: With the water tourism developed, making the development of water landscape rising rapidly. How to ensure the safety of hydraulic...

Authors: Jun Hua Yu, Yu Liu, Yan Di Zhu

Abstract: This paper explores some strategies and concepts, for the design of mobile ecological buildings in the Qinling mountain area. The special...


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